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June 5, 2001 -- A view through the back of the nest box at banding time, with the two unhatched eggs in the foreground, and one of the adults perched on the edge of the tray.  (Photo by Mark Kandel)


June 5, 2001 -- Mark Kandel (left) and Mike Allen (right) of the New York Department of Environmental Conservation prepare to band one of Buffalo's two young peregrine chicks.  (Photo by Sarah Lazazzero)


June 5, 2001 -- Mark Kandel (left) and Sarah Lazazzero (right) of the New York Department of Environmental Conservation hold the Buffalo peregrine chicks immediately after banding.  The female, being held by Sarah, is noticeably larger than the male, as is normal for chicks of this age (approx. three weeks).  (Photo by Mike Allen)


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May 14, 1999 -- Mark Kandel (New York Department of Environmental Conservation) lowers one of the chicks to Chris Nadareski (New York City Department of Environmental Protection).  The nest box is near the top of the photo, and is accessible from inside the maintenance room.  (Photo by Marcel Gahbauer)

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May 14, 1999 -- Chris Nadareski holds one of the female peregrine chicks.  (Photos by Marcel Gahbauer)


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May 14, 1999 -- The banding "table" in the maintenance room of the Statler tower.  The table itself was actually a plank supported by two barrels.  (Photo by Marcel Gahbauer)

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May 14, 1999 -- Chris Nadareski holds one of the female chicks still, while Mark Kandel prepares to fasten the coloured leg band in place.  (Photo by Marcel Gahbauer)


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May 14, 1999 -- Mark Kandel shines a flashlight at the peregrine's head while Chris Nadareski has a look at the inside of its mouth.  This one was in good condition, as were its two siblings. (Photo by Marcel Gahbauer)

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May 14, 1999 -- Chris Nadareski holds one of the chicks after completing the banding.  The chick was returned to the nest box a few minutes later.  (Photo by Marcel Gahbauer)

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April 23, 1999 -- Mom looking down at the first two chicks, shortly after they hatched. 
(Photo by Dave Sampson)


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April 23, 1999 -- The two adults at their nest on the Statler building.  (Photo by Dave Sampson)

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February 19, 1999 -- The Statler building in downtown Buffalo, New York.  A pair of peregrine falcons has been nesting near the top of this building for the past couple of years.   (Photo by Mark Nash)


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February 19, 1999 -- A closeup view of the top of the Statler building, showing the location where the Buffalo peregrines have been nesting for the past couple of years.  (Photo by Mark Nash)

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