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The Canadian Peregrine Foundation -- Etobicoke Photo Gallery

The Canadian Peregrine Foundation

(Photo captured by Mark Nash)

November 24th, 2005 -- Mark Nash reports:
It would appear that the past few weeks have been busy times at the Etobicoke nest site. For the past several days, both adults have been very active on the nest ledge, particularly in the morning hours. It would appear that another peregrine intruder has also been aggressively trying to take over the nest ledge these past few days, as I have witnessed some very incredible territorial behaviour on behalf of our resident pair. Sadly, I was not quick enough to capture a shot with the three adults on the nest ledge while they were on camera to capture the fighting that appears to have been be going on.

I did although capture a shot of one of the adult peregrines roosting on the nest tray, seemingly somewhat disgusted with all of the snow that had accumulated on the nest ledge during the recent snow storm. Sadly, I missed another adult in the same scene roosting on the top of the camera, where you could clearly see it's tail feathers in part of the view, with the other adult still roosting on the edge of the nest tray. It appears that our guys are hanging pretty close to home with the unknown intruder in the area. I have enclosed one of the photo's that I was able to snap in time.

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