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Photos of Mozart prior to his arrival in Hamilton are in the St. Catharines gallery

Photos of George - Taken in 2000

(Photos Courtesy of Joe Milner)







June 2002 --  Madame X standing on the parapet near the nest.   (Photo by Gerard McNaughton)




May 28, 2001 --  The two chicks, Hal and Sal, at the far end of the nest ledge just prior to the banding.   (Photo by Mark Nash)

May 28, 2001 --  The chicks are lowered from the upper roof in a specially designed carrier which keeps the chicks separated while in transport.  (Photo by Mark Nash)


May 28, 2001 --  Anne Yagi of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (left) looks at the chick being held by Bruce Duncan to estimate its age.   (Photo by Mark Nash)


May 28, 2001 --  Bruce Duncan banding one of the two Hamilton chicks.  (Photo by Mark Nash)


May 28, 2001 --  Keval Khanna (foreground) of the Sheraton Hamilton Hotel and Audrey Gamble of the Hamilton Naturalists' Club hold the two chicks moments after the banding.   (Photo by Mark Nash)


May 12, 2001 --  Madame X protecting her two chicks less than a week after they hatched.  (Webcam snapshot by Marcel Gahbauer)



June 2001 --  Stelco's new mate, a one-year-old male from Alma, Wisconsin known as Alimak.  (Photo by Alan Wright)



May 2001 --  Stelco perched on an eleventh story ledge of the Michigan Senate building in Lansing, Michigan, enjoying a small snack.  Her identifying leg band is clearly visible in this photograph.   (Photo by Patrick Yockey)


March 2001 --  Stelco, formerly of Hamilton, perching at her new home in Lansing, Michigan.  This photo was taken using a digital Nikon D-1 camera with a 300mm lens.  Stelco was at a distance equal to the width of a two-way street.  (Photo by Patrick Yockey)


October 26, 2000 --  An adult male having lunch down at street level in downtown Lansing, Michigan.  This unbanded peregrine is the mate of Stelco, who hatched in Hamilton in 1997 and has been in Lansing since 1998.  (Photo by Kevin Gardiner)


October 26, 2000 --  Another view of Stelco's mate eating his prey almost down at street level in Lansing, Michigan.  Surprisingly, this was not an isolated incident - on at least three other locations this fall, this bird has frequented this area for feeding purposes.  (Photo by Kevin Gardiner)

October 26, 2000 --  Stelco's mate attracts quite a bit of attention when he visits his low-level feeding perch.  The people standing in the background are only a few metres away, yet the peregrine seemed not the least bit disturbed by their presence.
  (Photo by Kevin Gardiner)


May 2000 --  Biologist Anne Yagi of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources wears climbing gear in preparation for collecting the four chicks from the nest ledge for banding. (Photo by Mark Nash)



May 2000 -- Bruce Duncan holds the feet of one of the chicks while Anne Yagi prepares to assist with the banding. (Photo by Mark Nash)

May 2000 -- Keval Khanna, General Manager of the Sheraton Hamilton Hotel, holds one of the chicks following the banding. (Photo by Mark Nash)

May 2000 -- The chicks are held for a moment before being released back to the nest.  Holding the chicks, from left to right, are: Marion Nash (Canadian Peregrine Foundation Education Coordinator), a member of the Hamilton Field Naturalists' Falcon Watch Group, Keval Khanna (General Manager of the Sheraton Hamilton Hotel), and Anne Yagi (Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources biologist). (Photo by Mark Nash)




May 20, 1999 -- George and Grace spending their last night in captivity before being released to the Hamilton nest. (Photo by Marcel Gahbauer)

hafoto23s.jpg (5690 bytes)


June 9, 1999 -- George stands on the edge of the ledge.  He took his first flight two days later. (Photo by Marcel Gahbauer)


hafoto22s.jpg (5177 bytes)  

June 9, 1999 -- Grace at the near end of the nest ledge, leaning against the wall as if she was looking for shelter from the sun.  The next day she took flight for the first time. (Photo by Marcel Gahbauer)


hafoto21s.jpg (1906 bytes)  

May 21, 1999 -- Toledo in flight past the nest ledge.  This photo was taken just before Grace and George were introduced to the nest, and Toledo was understandably agitated by all of the people on the roof invading her territory.  (Photo by Marcel Gahbauer)


hafoto20s.jpg (4026 bytes) May 20, 1999 -- Grace screams for more food as Sandra Metzger reaches into the tub for another piece of quail. (Photo by Marcel Gahbauer)
hafoto19s.jpg (3150 bytes)  


May 20, 1999 -- Sandra Metzger tries to hold George still so that she can feed him some quail. (Photo by Marcel Gahbauer)



hafoto24s.jpg (3429 bytes)
May 20, 1999 -- George and Grace resting for the night before being released to their new parents.  The box they are in is a holding cage at the Mountsberg Wildlife Centre, where they were housed overnight.   Both have bulging crops as they have just been fed.
(Photo by Marcel Gahbauer)


hafoto16s.jpg (7744 bytes)


June 8, 1998 -- The chicks are around 40 days old, and are almost ready to take their first flights.  Here one of the younger chicks looks at the older one teetering on the edge, as if to say "do you really know what you're doing"? (Photo by Mark Nash)

hafoto17s.jpg (8025 bytes)

May 27, 1998 -- All four chicks standing on the ledge, waiting for Mom or Dad to arrive with the next meal. (Photo by Mark Nash)

hafoto15s.jpg (8595 bytes)

May 9, 1998 -- Mom feeding the chicks on the nest ledge.   The chicks were just over one week old at this time. (Photo by Mark Nash)
missie.jpg (43190 bytes)
November 1998 -- Louise Ballard reports that her cat "Missee" just loves to watch the video on the falcons that were raised in Hamilton this summer.  It would appear from the photo that Missee has lost interest in her toy mouse in favour of watching the young peregrines dine on a pigeon.
  (Photo by Louise Ballard)


May 25, 1998 -- The banding process is about to begin. Rick Folkes, an experienced mountain climber, has done this before for the MNR. He ensures the bag is kept next to the wall so that each chick is kept as far away from the edge as possible. Needless to say, neither adult was pleased with this adventure, and let Rick know it with dive-bombs and tongue lashings.
(Photo by Mark Nash)


May 25, 1998 -- Pud Hunter (OMNR) has been banding peregrine falcon chicks for years. That doesn't mean the job gets any easier. Trying to get the chick into the tub to be weighed does not meet with this one's approval. Anne Yagi, also MNR, is ready to record the weight. (Photo by Mark Nash)



May 25, 1998 -- Like it or not, the chick is in the tub and is about to be weighed. The chick itself may be weighing the pros and cons of seeking its revenge as soon as it's lifted out of the tub. Happy to say, it chose not to ... this time. (Photo by Mark Nash)




May 25, 1998 -- Anne Yagi (OMNR) examines and comforts a chick before it is placed back in the bag to be returned to the nest ledge. (Photo by Mark Nash)


May 25, 1998 -- Nadine Litwin (CPF co-ordinator) also gets to provide some comfort to a frightened chick before it is turned loose on the nest ledge to face the world on its own. (Photo by Mark Nash)


May 25, 1998 -- Banding four noisily objecting peregrine falcon chicks is not a quiet pastime for a hobbyist or two. Even Craig Shaver of the Sheraton Hamilton Hotel got dragged into the action for his assistance. (Photo by Mark Nash)

March 4, 1998 -- The videocam installation crew: from left to right, Dave Hafizi, Eric Heagle and Corey Walsh of Intercon Security Services, and Craig Noble and Craig Shaver of the Hamilton Sheraton Hotel. (Photo by Mark Nash)


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