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Article 15:
Ontario Peregrine has a new Wisconsin home!

by Mark Heaton

Known as Black H*|2 (* means printed sideways) was the sole female of a family of three peregrine falcons that were hacked in Aurora in 1997.  

The young chicks were provided by Quebec as a result of a relocation from a poor nesting site.  During relocation, the mother laid an additional four eggs. Rather than overburden the parents with seven young, McGill University fostered the chicks until they were old enough to release.  Luckily enough, Aurora District OMNR had a box and suitable site within short notice.

After the release, H*|2 was slow to take flight.   Her two brothers took to the air within hours of being released.  She hung on for a few days and eventually left the nest ledge.  Two weeks later Stacey Withrow found her trapped in a large car parts manufacturing plant in Aurora.  The bird had flown in through the overhead doors in chase of prey and had trapped herself amongst the high ceiling, guy wires and robotic machinery.  Several attempts to trap and relocate failed.  During her stay she fed on mice, sparrows and bats found inside.  Ten days later she was gone without a trace.

Two years later, we are pleased to announce she is doing very well in Green Bay, Wisconsin. She is the proud mother of three fledglings on the WPS Pulliam Power Plant.

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