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On most of the CPF website, we concentrate on the peregrine falcons in southern Ontario.  This page will be dedicated to news about peregrines, other raptors, and related issues throughout North America and around the world.  Wherever possible, links will be included in the articles to other websites with more detailed information. 

If you have an interesting raptor story (or photo) to share, or have found an item of interest on another website, please email it to us for consideration.

All articles will be listed in more or less chronological order - see the list below for the articles currently posted, and click on each to read the article.


Article 6 (posted July 2000)
Argentine spray kills hawks from Canada

(by Peter Whelan)

Article 5 (April 14, 2000)
Free Texas Birding Seminar in Toronto

(by Tanja Schoening)

Article 4 (April 11, 2000)
Awards for Ontario Peregrine Recovery Team
(from Ted Armstrong, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources)

Article 3 (April 19, 2000)
Watching for Nesting Peregrines - the 2000 Peregrine Falcon Survey
(by Ted Armstrong, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources)

Article 2 (April 5, 2000)
Industry Minister John Manley given responsibility for the protection of the Peregrine Falcon
(by Marcel Gahbauer, with information from the National Post)

Article 1 (March 30, 2000)
Early report on the North American peregrine nesting season
(by Marcel Gahbauer)

September 7, 2000
Cascade (of Niagara Falls) still on territory in Cleveland
SaraJean Peters reports that after Cascade's nest in Cleveland failed this spring, she has remained on territory, and she and her mate remain closely bonded.
Click here for further details on the 2000 Ohio season
(from the Ohio Division of Wildlife)  

July 17, 2000
Wisconsin Falcon Watch 2000 Report
Peregrines in Wisconsin had a successful year, with 11 pairs raising a total of 39 chicks.
Click here for the full story
(from the Milwaukee Public Museum site)

April 15, 2000
Europe's peaks of pollution
Dangerously high levels of DDT have been documented in lakes high in the Alps and Pyrenees.
Click here for the full story (from

April 14, 2000
The peregrine falcon: a conservation success story
A review of peregrine recovery in the United States, with cautionary notes about the need to continue monitoring.
Click here for the full story (from the Environmental News Network)

April 13, 2000
Algonquin wolves need protection
Information on a petition to prevent Algonquin Park's declining population of rare red wolves from being hunted.
Click here for more information (from the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society and Queen's University Committee for the Environment)

April 12, 2000
Species at risk update
A review of the endangered species legislation proposed by Environment Minister David Anderson on April 11.
Click here for the full story  (by the Canadian Nature Federation on the Ottawa Field Naturalists' Club bulletin board)

March 22, 2000
Chemical fallout hurts Inuit babies
DDT and other toxins have accumulated to dangerous levels in the Arctic.
Click here for the full story (from the Toronto Star)

January 28, 2000
Action Alert - Federal Endangered Species Legislation
A call for concerned citizens to provide input on Canada's upcoming endangered species legislation.
Click here for the full story (by the Canadian Nature Federation)

August 20, 1998
Persistent organic pollutants threat lingers
Swedish scientists report on the severe neurological problems caused by exposure to DDT, PCBs, and other toxins.
Click here for the full story (from the Environmental News Network)

July 1, 1998
Group urges global DDT ban by 2007
Recent statistics support the need to ban DDT  and eleven other dangerous persistent organic pollutants within a decade.
Click here for the full story (from the Environmental News Network)

July 25, 1997
Otters, bald eagles still threatened by DDT
Research shows that both historical and current applications of DDT are still having a significant impact on North American wildlife.
Click here for the full story (from the Environmental News Network)

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