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The Canadian Peregrine Foundation - Project School Visit - Oakville

The Canadian Peregrine Foundation

Project School Visit:
St. John School

Visit sponsored by: TD - Friends of the Environment Foundation: Oakvile

On February the 10th, 2006, we visited Oakville's St. John School. Below is a letter from the school to the sponsor of the visit.

The students and teachers of St. John School Oakville would like to thank you for your financial contribution which made this program available to us. We were excited to meet a real peregrine falcon and to learn about their importance in Egyptian and Medieval Times. We were fascinated to learn about their physical features, their habitats and the problems and solutions to their survival in the twenty-first century. The teachers are also particularly thrilled to receive a student Guide to Ontario's Endangered Species. We are interested in pursuing further activities on the topic of the Environment and Endangered Species. Your presentation has inspired up to follow Christ's example and to act as stewards of the Earth everyday of our lives.

Once again, we thank you for making this presentation possible.


Miss Williams
Mrs. McPhee
Mrs. Franklin
Mrs. Carnelos

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