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The Canadian Peregrine Foundation - Project School Visit - Maple

The Canadian Peregrine Foundation

Project School Visit:
Vellore Woods Public School

Visit sponsored by: TD - Friends of the Environment Foundation: Vaughan

On December the 13th, 2005, we visited Maple's Vellore Woods Public School. Below are letters from the students.

Thank you TD Bank for sponsoring the Canadian Peregrine Foundation so that they could do a presentation for us. Also, thank you to the Canadian Peregrine Foundation for taking the time to give the grade 4's and 6's a presentation.

I learned that we shouldn't use the pesticide DDT. DDT is harmful to many animals up the food chain, like the peregrine falcons. I also learned many things about the peregrine falcon; for example, peregrine falcons like to attack with their feet first. Peregrine falcons can soar at 400 km per hour.

From this information I will go and tell my other friends about the pesticide DDT and peregrine falcons.


P.S. Please say hello to Kitash for me.

Thank you for coming in to our school. I would also like to thank TD bank for paying the money so you can come here.

I learned a lot from your visit. I think that the more people you tell the safer peregrine birds like Quetesh will be. I also learned that this will tie into my class's Science and Social study unit because these birds were used in medieval times.

I have some questions like can DDT effect humans? How long can a peregrine bird live? How many eggs can a female Peregrine lay in one year?

I wish to help endangered species of animals when I grow up. I think that the eggs Quetesh laid will lay more eggs and make more of that specie.

I hope you enjoyed my letter and good luck with your job. I hope you write a letter back.



Thank you, for sharing your infomation with us about pesticide and birds. I think everyone in grade four appreciates what you have taught us. Everyone was excited when your pet Quetesh pecked at the box and some of us were scared. Before you told me what was inside the box, I thought it was an owl or a woodpecker because a woodpecker pecks a lot. When you open the box I though Quetesh would fly but it didn't.

When you took Quetesh out of the box Quetesh tried to fly away but luckily you held its feet so it couldn't fly. A lot of people got really scared because Quetesh was flapping its wings a lot and making noises with its wing so it makes it scary for others. Sometimes when Quetesh stretches people think she's going to fly.

Thank you .T.D Bank for letting Marion Nash teach at this school, in the library. If you didn't let Marion Nash teach at are school I wouldn't know all of the information about DDT like we put DDT on food because bugs can go on apples, pears so people spray DDT on fruits and vegetables.

I had a great time at the library learning about DDT and I hope everyone can watch the movie that we watched at the library. I hope we meet again.

Sincerely Dennis

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