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The Canadian Peregrine Foundation - Project School Visit - Elora

The Canadian Peregrine Foundation

Project School Visit:
Pringle Creek Public School (Whitby)

Visit sponsored by: Ontario Power Generation

On April 10, 2003 we visited Pringle Creek Public School with one of our peregrine falcons, Qetesh.  Below are letters and drawings we received from two students:

I would like to thank Maya very much for coming and giving us an excellent presentation.  The Peregrine presentation tied in quite well with our science studies, specifically with our study on flight and classification of living things.  As a result of your presentation I have a better understanding of science.  I was very impressed with Maya because she was very knowledgeable with her subject.

My favourite part of Maya's presentation was when Maya showed us Qetesh.  Some of the things I learned about Qetesh and other Peregrine Falcons were very interesting.  Firstly, I learned that you were able to breed 200 Falcons into much, much more.  Secondly, I was very shocked that one little thing (DDT) almost harmed every living thing.  Thirdly, I learned that DDT could cause cancer in a human body and doesn't digest in any living thing's body.  Lastly, I learned that Peregrine Falcons were almost extinct until the Canadian Peregrine Foundation jumped in and helped.

I would also like to say that I appreciate the Ontario Power Generation for this opportunity.

Sincerely, Courtney

 by Courtney


Thank you very much for coming.  When you came I learned many things that tied into when we study flight.  You made me understand flight much better than before.  Now I know how the birds fly, and that their bones are hollow.  I also learned that it is impossible for humans to fly without using a man made machine.  Also when you came you told us why the peregrine falcons were becoming extinct and how you saved them.  I found it really amazing that you made 200 peregrine falcons into many more peregrine falcons.  I also was shocked to hear what one little thing (DDT) can do.  What I really liked about the presentation was that Maya would tell you a lot about why the peregrine falcons were becoming extinct and what they did to save them.  I also liked how Maya would answer any questions that were asked.  I also liked how a real, live peregrine falcon was brought to our school for the presentation.  I'm glad that the peregrine falcon was in the presentation because I got to see how their wings were shaped.  I wanted to see what they looked like because Maya was able to make the peregrine falcon flap its wings.  So thank you for coming and also thank the Ontario Power Generation.

Sincerely, Julianne

by Julianne

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