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Project School Visit:
Glen Brae Middle School (Hamilton)

Visit sponsored by: Friends of the Environment Foundation

In  June 2000, we visited Hamilton's Glen Brae Middle School with our one-year-old male peregrine falcon "Scotty".  Below are some comments from the principal:

The Grade 6 students at Glen Brae Middle School were thrilled by the visit by the peregrine falcon on Friday June 2.

Students went into the presentation not knowing what to expect, and on the way out were comparing what they had learned in an hour.  As urban children, most knew little about birds in general, less about birds of prey, and even less about the peregrines, even though we have a breeding pair right here in Hamilton.

The visit and presentation aroused much curiosity, and many children have taken to bookmarking peregrine sites on the Internet as well as signing out all the books we have about predatory birds.

It was both a pleasure and an honour to have the presentation for the Grade 6s at Glen Brae.  It sparked much learning and opened new doors for our students.  Thank you.


Rick Clark, Principal

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