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Project School Visit:
Holy Family Catholic School (New Hamburg)

Visit sponsored by: the New Ontario Trillium Foundation

In January 2001, we visited Holy Family Catholic School in New Hamburg with our 2-year-old male peregrine falcon "Scotty".  Below are a photo of Scotty taken by Crystal Godin during one of the presentations, a letter from the principal, and a couple of drawings from the students who attended.

Dear Canadian Peregrine Foundation,

The staff and students of Holy Family School would like to thank you for coming to our school and bringing Scotty.  The children were very excited to have such a magnificent bird visit.  It is something that most may never get the opportunity to do without your program.

They were amazed at all the different things that this bird is capable of; I think the one that really caught their attention was the speed that a Peregrine reaches during a dive.  Even our younger grades including our Junior and Senior Kindergarten classes have benefited from your visit.  Our Grade 6 teacher covers for the JK/SK teacher for a few minutes and she took the photographs that Crystal Godin took in to show them.

We appreciate your visit and would recommend this program to all schools.  It is a very worthwhile program that teaches the students about conservation, endangered species, and the beauty of nature.  Once again I thank you very much for coming and bringing Scotty.  We wish you and your foundation all the best and continued success.


Jack MacDonald, Principal

(by Barbara)

(by Shelby)

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