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Project School Visit:
St. Mary School (Elora)

Visit sponsored by: The Friends of the Environment Foundation

In April 2000, we visited Elora's St. Mary School.  The students had an opportunity to meet "Pablo", our 13-year-old male peregrine falcon.  Below is a short letter from one of the teachers:

I wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much our students enjoyed Mr. Nash's presentation on the peregrine falcon.  Since this is a rural area, some of our students are farm children and are very knowledgeable about and interested in the environmental aspect of the peregrine and all the issues surrounding it.  The children gained a respect for such a remarkable creature through the "hands on" aspect of the bird's presence.

Mr. Nash himself was very comfortable with the students and tailored his vocabulary to suit the needs of the grade level.  His "classroom management" techniques were excellent, and allowed the teachers to enjoy the presentation without constantly policing the group.  He would also briefly divert to pertinent side issues that arose from questions and return to the main topic.

The interest has remained high because of the materials left behind and the website addresses supplied.  The grade six class for example, is finding that the peregrine fits into their unit on flight quite successfully.  Many children are following the nests at home on their own computers.  We hope to stay connected to the site for further information and nest viewing.


Mary Hebden, grade five teacher

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