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18 King Street East, behind a pillar on the 19th floor ledge on the east side of the building (Activity around the nest is often visible from King and Leader Lane).


Please help us keep track of the peregrines!  We welcome your observations of any peregrines by email 

With the generosity of the local community, we have been able to bring a live image of the peregrine falcons at 18 King Street to your home or office computer. Thanks to the following for initiating the drive for financial support:

O&Y Enterprise Real Estate Service
Peregrine Protection
Solar Group Inc.
Jan Chudy and Associates
Peter G . Nares
Marco Keochl
D.G. Consulting Co.

We are in need of monetary aid so we can pay for the monthly internet access fee, keeping the telephone line active, and for the computer sending the live images. We hope that you will be able to continue to enjoy seeing the upbringing and daily life of peregrines here in our fair city, and that you will join the others listed above in making this happen.

King Street Nest Site Reports:

Friday October 5th, 2007
Linda Woods reports:
This pair are still being seen on a daily basis, but not usually sitting near each other like the Sheraton birds. This morning I could hear vocalization but could not find where the peregrine was sitting. This evening around 6:30p.m. one adult was on the nest ledge and the other was on the weather vane of St. James Cathedral.

Tuesday August 21, 2007
Linda Woods reports:
Viewing from the Sheraton Centre, I did not see any peregrine in the vicinity of the Sheraton Hotel itself, but I did however, see on the WEST side ledges of # 18 King one adult peregrine. At the same time, a second adult was on the north- west centre ledge of Dundee Place ( formerly One Financial) Both adults were facing west.

Saturday August 11, 2007
Linda Woods reports:
Once again, we received a call from a very interested on-- looker. He called us to inform us that one of our peregrines had been caught up in a pigeon trap on a roof across the street from his offices. I went to meet the gentleman and he took me to a window in which I could clearly see a juvenile mingling with the pigeons. I contacted Mark to confirm that indeed it was a juvenile peregrine and we initiated the process of retrieving the bird. After speaking with security, operations personnel and management, we were good to get our bird.

While I was out of the building getting the rescue equipment, I was informed by the building staff that the birds were released. This was confirmed by the office staff across the street who made the initial call to us to come and help . Unfortunately, we'll never know which bird was in the trap, but the observers did say it flew off with out any problems.

Friday August 10, 2007
Linda Woods reports:
An adult was seen flying towards the St. James church from the south. At the same time another bird was seen on the roof of "Dundee Place" ( formerly known as One Financial) I grabbed my binocs and headed out to the corner of Leader Lane and King St. As I approached the back parking lot of the King Edward Hotel, I could clearly hear a juvenile vocalizing. I did see one adult take off and head towards the south east with a juvenile not too far behind. I am very sure that its the same juvenile that was caught up in the trap. I'm also happy that we are still seeing at least one of the remaining 3.

Sunday July 29, 2007
Linda Woods reports:
I received a call from the King Edward Hotel this morning around 10:00 a.m. He stated that he can hear one of the juveniles screaming, and it sounded very loud and that it could be low. I made my way to the hotel and when I arrived, Sean stated that the bird was indeed low. It had come down to the lower ledge, in the area of the flag poles on the north side of the hotel. The adults were seen circling the area and as they pin pointed the source of the screaming, the flight circles got tighter.

The juvenile could see the adults and as the adults flew towards Church St. the juvenile was air borne and flapped it's way towards the condos at King and Church. Although the flight was low, just above the trees along King St. east, the juvenile gained some height and disappeared at the level of the condo terrace.

I wasn't there 5 minutes, when the screaming started again, this time I saw at least 3 peregrines in the area, one definitely an adult. I'm not sure if the adult(s) was chasing the juvenile(s) out of the area, or if it was just a game of "chase' with one adult and two juveniles.

Wednesday July 18, 2007
Linda Woods reports:
Walking west along King St. around 1:00p.m. one juvenile was seen on the north shoulder of the nest building,sitting in the shade.

Friday July 13, 2007
Linda Woods reports:
Walking north on Church St., two peregrines seen on the Scotia Tower, and one peregrine on the south side of the King Edward Hotel.

Sunday July 08, 2007
Linda Woods reports:
Two peregrines on # 1 Toronto St. I'm sure it's one juvenile and one adult.After the rain, viewing from the Sheraton Hotel, I could see one juvenile on the roof of the nest building ( # 18 King St.) playing in the puddles on the roof.

6:30 p.m.
Three peregrines seen on the south west railing of # 1 Toronto St. Definitely on juvenile, and one adult. Not sure of the third. Even with the scope, the humidity is so high, it's difficult to see.

Saturday July 07, 2007
Linda Woods reports:
Juvenile seen on the nest ledge around 1:15p.m. today and again on the south side of # 1 Toronto St. around 8:15p.m.

Monday July 02, 2007
Linda Woods reports:
Walking east along King St. around 4:00p.m., two juveniles could be heard vocalizing as they flew overhead and onto the nest building. I think the adult female may have had food for them. Very nice to see them.

Saturday June 23, 2007
Linda Woods reports:
Walking home from the Sheraton, Sean from the King Edward Hotel gave me an update on the King St. Quartet. He reported that the Adults and the juveniles have been having a good time chasing each other over King St. As I was continued on my way home , I was lucky enough to see some of the antics the King St. birds are up to. Hide and Seek seems to be the game of the evening.

Friday June 22, 2007
Linda Woods reports:
All is well with the juveniles!
As I was walking home from the Sheraton site, Sean from the King Edward Hotel mentioned that there was a lot of activity from the King St. peregrine family. Around 8:00p.m., it was reported, that all four juveniles were flying with the adults west along King St. in somewhat of a diamond formation. Sean stated that it was "something else to see and hear" since the juvies were very vocal.

Wednesday June 20, 2007
Linda Woods reports:
One juvenile on "Dundee Place" ( formerly know as One Financial)
Two Juveniles, ON THE TOWER! Yippee.
the one juvie came off the tower and was practicing his "stooping"
as of 08:45 I have only seen three juvies.

Monday June 18, 2007
Linda Woods reports:
10:00 AM
Arriving at Leader Lane to find both Chelsey and Toshiko on site enjoying the air show. I wasn't expecting to see any action this morning, so it was a pleasant surprise to see all four juveniles flying over the area.

One was on the antenna of CHFI and two more attempted to join him, and it both aborted their landings and fly off . During the "air play" two were chasing each other and another was soaring. They are doing so very well and it is so nice to be able to see them all together.

Sunday June 17, 2007
Linda Woods reports:
Arriving early this a.m, and discovered the crew filming the feature "Kit" took up most of our prime viewing spots. A quick look see between shoots and the peregrines were not in view.
An evening count, and the filming was just finishing and at 7:30p.m. I am quite sure that all four juveniles were in view. Three were on the CHFI building, in various spots and one juvie was on the roof of the nest building.
Adults are in the area, as I had seen both when I first arrived this evening.

Saturday June 16, 2007
Linda Woods reports:
Spot checks throughout the day were in order.

At 5:00p.m. all four were accounted for. Toshiko had been watching for a while by now, and discovered the fourth chick and of course the female"Estero" on the south side of # 1 Toronto, while her siblings were on the nest building.

By 6:00p.m. I had seen the adults on the Scotia Tower, two juveniles were on the nest building and one juvie was on CHFI. The fourth was last seen on the north side of the King Edward Hotel.

Friday June 15, 2007
Linda Woods reports:
6:00 a.m.

Looking north towards the nest building, "Estero" is seen on # 1 Toronto having an early meal. Another juvenile is seen on the east side of the same building. From this view point I can't see any of the other juveniles.
Sporadic flight demos were given throughout the day, but all and all, it was uneventful.
A few times the young ones would do the "bat maneuver" but regain control after releasing.
Late this afternoon, games of tag were in order as two of the juvies took off towards the south-east. A lot of vocalizing could be heard as there fluttered and screamed over head.
At the end of the day, all four were accounted for since one point in the day, the young female had not been seen for a while. ( She was asleep on the roof)

Thursday June 14, 2007
Linda Woods reports:
After the dramatic rescue and street retrieval of Estero, the female juvenile, today is a little more relaxed with only a few heart stopping moments.

The three male juveniles are flying very well and to begin the day they treated the volunteers to show of flying lessons, with a few games of tag. Absolutely amazing to watch, great entertainment and well worth being there early in the morning.

Estero, surprised the volunteers early this morning , by appearing on the lip of the chimney with her sibling brothers.
What a great recovery she has made. We all expected her to wait it out a few more days before she attempted to fly again. She certainly does have a lot of encouragement from her brothers. I guess she didn't want to miss out on any of the interaction her brothers were having with the adults.
A great day. Hope they all continue to do well.

Wednesday June 13, 2007
Paul Marsh reports:
The three male chicks are all doing fine, spending much of the day on the King Edward Hotel and the nest building. They are flying well and making a lot of noise as they call for food every time the adults fly by.

The female chick had a more adventurous day, however. Arriving at 5:30, Linda found it still sitting on top of Cyrano's restaurant, where it had spent the night. However, shortly thereafter it flew down King Street and landed on the same ledge occupied by its brother the day before. And that's where it stayed for the rest of the day, walking all the way from one end of te hotel to the other, and down both sides as far as she could go. She must have put in two miles. To make things worse, she found her life complicated by a family of pigeons nesting on the ledge. The male blocked her way, mantling as he defended the nest, and at some points even jumped on her. Their standoff provided entertainment for the small crowd of onlookers following her progress.

About 6:30 the chick finally got tired of walking the ledge and took off westward on King St. Reaching Yonge Street, it veered north and ended up on a low roof just north of the corner. But it didn't stay there long, taking another short flight north to land on a construction scaffold, where it spent a few minutes hopping from one railing to the next, with a few tumbles along the way. Finally, it flew back south, where it was buzzed by a gull as it flew low down the street, That sent it to the pavement in the intersection, where Linda was waiting with her towel. The chick seemed unhurt, and was to be released on the nest building after dark.

Here's a pic of her on the King Edward, and one of the pigeon confrontation.

(Webmaster's note:) Photos have been added to the 2007 Downtown Toronto - King Street Photo Gallery.

Tuesday June 12, 2007
Linda Woods reports:
Arriving on the King St. site this a.m to find all four juveniles in view. Three were on the west side of the King Edward Hotel and the youngest one still on the nest ledge.

The three that have fledged are getting their flight skills by flying from roof top to roof top, and maintaining their height. Some of their flights seem very well controlled and they don't appear to be taking any chances. The landings are not perfect, but they aren't stumbling on the touch downs either. ( that's a good thing) Sometime during the day, the four chick had taken flight. Probably when the other three were doing their roof hopping. She was later discovered on the lower elevation at the corner of Leader Lane and King St. That is where she will hopefully spend the night. I left the area around 9:45p.m. A good day for all. Happy to see the other three taking their time at flying lessons. YEAH for them!

P.S. and yes the male is still playing "running of the gulls"

P.M. Report

Last positions of the fledglings.
LOW BIRD On the north west corner of Cyrano's at Leader Lane and King St. ( this is the where we sit on the wall, in the parking lot) Look for the 'writing on the wall in the parking lot at Leader Lane and King St. Above the "C" in Cyranos is where Paul and I left the bird for the night.

Three other juvies All huddled together at the base of the chimney on the East side of the King Edward Hotel

Just a reminder that the rescue box is in the cupboard at the front entrance to the King Edward Hotel.

Monday June 11, 2007
Linda Woods reports:
These young fledglings have kept us running. They are flying very well. One bird, named Don, did come low to the facade of the King Edward Hotel, but after a rest of a few hours, took off gaining height. It flew out of our view and did reappear later in the day. At one point of the day we did count all four, including the young female that remains unflighted. At 9:00 p.m. just as we thought they were all going to settled down for the night, one last fly around was had by all, with the exception of the one remaining nestling. By 9:30 we had located two of the young birds. The third one I am sure is within sight of the adults.

The adult male continues to run down the gulls that happen to float through his territory, giving everyone a good show of the incredialble speeds and the agility the falcon has.

Sunday June 10, 2007
Linda Woods reports:
This report is a brief outline of today's happenings.

Brady, the bird we rescued late yesterday, was still on the shoulder of the nest building at 06:00.
Two more juvies have taken flight very early this a.m Neil was on hand to witness their brief excursions. Both had maintained height. One had flown over to the King Edward Hotel , the other went over to # 33 Victoria St. Eventually the rescued bird made his way over to # 33 Victoria to join his brother. All three maintained their positions for most of the day. The birds on # 33 Victoria St. walked the roof line back an forth. They would walk out of view and then returned. Food came to them and it looked like they had both settled fo r a nap. Later only one bird reappeared and the other has not been seen since. A full check, of the area including roof tops, and ground search has not been successful. The young bird could very well be up there, but has just dropped and out of our sight. I have contacted the local buildings and hopefully some in the offices will bring us good news in the morning.

At last light, the locations of the birds are as follows.

one juvenile remains unflighted in the nest. ( female)
one fledgling on the roof of the King Edward Hotel at the base of the chimney. west side.
one fledgling on the roof top of # 18 King st. north side, just above the cooling towers.
and one unaccounted for juvie.

If anyone knows of staff the work in One Financial or One Toronto St. it would be most appreciated if they could get to a window and look out onto the rooftops for us and help locate the missing baby peregrine.

Saturday June 9, 2007
Linda Woods reports:
FLEDGE # 1, Rescue # 1

The day went very well, all four juvies were doing a lot more flapping today.Even the fourth chick that has been elusive on the ledge is starting to make frequent appearances.The adult male continues to be very aggressive with the gulls that pass by the nest building and always gives us a few moments of entertainment. This evening at approximately 6:00p.m. Bird number 1 took flight. This first flight was not witnessed. I started a search after food went into the ledge and I could only see 3 birds feeding.

The fledgling was discovered on the roof top of # 33 Victoria St. nest ledge height. Adults were aware of it's location. 8:00p.m. the fledgling attempted to fly back to the nest ledge, but missed, it circled back towards Toronto St, lost height. it brushed against the Press building , losing more height and losing more altitude it came across Toronto St. and tried to land on the glass awning of the entrance and slid to the ground. Neil was on hand to assist in the retrieval. Brady was identified by it's band numbers and is 36 days of age today. He was examined and found to have no injuries. He was very feisty and beak jabbing at every opportunity during the examination. He was given the OK to be placed back up on the south shoulder of the nest building. The release was completed by 11:00p.m.

Many Thanks to # 18 King Security for their continuing support especially during the critical times. Also, big thanks to Neil for his dedication and his assistance during the rescue. and Mark and Marion for the late night meet , greet and release. Thanks everyone.

Friday June 8, 2007
Linda Woods reports:
All four remain on the ledge. The fourth juvie is finally being seen a little more often and even reported to have taken part in a " flap fest" with the other 3.
Later this evening , one bird in particular had taken a liking to picking at it's coloured tape. Macdho ( pr: Mac Doo) Was having a good time pick pick pick. Not sure if there is any tape left on the silver band. After he was finished picking, he hopped back into the ledge.
All was quiet when I left the area around 9:15

Thursday June 7, 2007
Linda Woods reports:
Today the King St. quartet has shown us a little more activity. A lot more flapping and regular vocalizations when the adults came into view. The fourth bird is not seen on a regular basis. I would think at this stage it would be more visible. Many times we had to go over to Church St. to get a long view in the ledge to make sure a fourth bird was there.
Twice I had to check from a higher elevation to count all four. I think this rarely seen chick is the "loner" of the group. The adult female has given us a show everyday now with her chasing off the gulls. The gulls are screaming even before she even touches them, so they must know "they're going to get it" for flying to close to the peregrines' territory

Wednesday June 6, 2007
Linda Woods reports:
The King St. Quartet remain as vocal as they can be. The adults have been making a point of cleaning prey within eye shot of the 4. The adult female has been very aggressive with the gulls this year. Many times today she has chased off gulls that have come not only close to the nest ledge, but even a 'reasonable "distance. She is not putting up with anything coming too close. This afternoon, both adults were on the roof of 18 king and all 4 chicks were on the ledge.
Two of the chicks have very little down on them, that is visible from street level. A lot of flapping and running the ledge. I would say the two are ready to go.

Tuesday June 5, 2007
Linda Woods reports:
The youngsters kept low today, perhaps the drop in temperature kept them inactive. This evening a lot more activity than this morning. One juvie, looks somewhat ready to go. Not a lot of down left on him. He was doing a lot of flapping and running the ledge for a brief period just before 6:00p.m.
The adult female has been chasing gulls out of the area on consistent basis. Yesterday she just about plucked one out of the air with her talons. I guess the screaming from the gull was to much for her and she let it go.

Monday June 4, 2007
Linda Woods reports:
Viewing from Court St and Toronto St. The chicks are very vocal, but not a lot of flapping seen as yet. When the chicks did make an appearance on the ledge, they still have some down remaining. A few more days. and the down should be gone. The oldest male is 33 days as of today. They should be looking to fly, perhaps by the week-end.

Volunteers are starting to come out at lunch time and after work, to monitor the activity level. The official watch will begin on Wednesday/Thursday.

The next few days:
Please look for us, at the Corner of Court St. and Toronto Sts. or Leader Lane and King St. ( south- east corner)

Wednesday May 30, 2007
(The Webmaster reports:)
The chicks are being banded tomorrow! Everyone is invited. Full details are available here.

Wednesday May 9, 2007
Linda Woods reports:
All is well, the four little ones are very mobile this morning. One seems to be very independent of the others and was seen at the edge of the nest area, looking out over the buildings. The sun is quite evident on the ledge and the adult female began spreading her wings and providing some shade. Three of the chicks wobbled and stumbled their way over to Mom. Eventually the fourth, and independent chick decided that under mom's wings, and in the shade was the best place to nap.

Monday May 7, 2007
Linda Woods reports:
Fourth egg hatched!

Confirmed, 4 chicks at # 18 King St.
Feeding took place at 09:15 and I was able to clearly see 4 little white heads. The fourth must have hatched yesterday morning.

Sunday May 6, 2007
Linda Woods reports:
I checked the monitor today and the three little ones were clearly visible this morning.
I didn't see the fourth egg, although it may there but under the three chicks. Will check again on Monday morning to confirm it status.

Saturday May 5, 2007
Linda Woods reports:
Third egg hatched!

Chick # 3 is clearly seen this a.m. around 09:15. The fourth may be questionable, due to the quality of the pic on the computer. Also what I think may be just egg shell is facing into the camera, so I do see white. it may be the camera looking into the white of the shell,or it may be a fourth chick that did not make it. It is lying separately from the group.

I'll try and check it out later after the sun is in the west.
I tend to believe its the shell,
Food went into the ledge at 09:15 am ( seems to be the time to be there) this is when I saw three little heads.possibly four. will confirm as soon as I get a really good look.

Harry Crawford reports: Returning from the market at 10:15am, I heard loud vocalising as I passed 18 King East. The adult male and female were circling just east of the nest ledge. I couldn't tell if it was a friendly encounter or territorial defense. At the same time, a cormorant was circling just east of Scotia Plaza and a turkey vulture was circling First Canadian Place at roof level.

Thursday May 3, 2007
Linda Woods reports:

HATCH TODAY at King St. 2 little chicks seen at 09:15 a.m.

Tuesday May 1, 2007
Linda Woods reports:
"Mandy" continues to incubate her eggs. She appeared to be a little more restless this afternoon. Expecting a hatch very soon, as this nest is not too far behind Etobicoke.

Monday April 30, 2007
Linda Woods reports:
Despite the set back with the King Street nest site camera telecommunication lines, all is well on the nest ledge, with incubation still in progress. We are still able to monitor the computer monitor and both adults are tending to the nest as usual.

Friday April 13, 2007
The CPF Postmaster reports:
Nest Camera is now LIVE!

We are delighted to announce that we have finally been able re-established a connection to the internet and the CPF web site with the live peregrine nest site camera at the 18 King Street nest site! With many thanks to Dan Gill from DG Consulting, Brookfield Properties, Peregrine Protection, and the on sight building management team, the computer is finally back up and running. While the female peregrine has once again decided to lay her eggs directly under the north camera’s position, you can still see her activities directly at the bottom of the screen.

As some have already inquired, there was indeed a second camera installed at the opposite end of the nest ledge on the south wall, but for some unknown reason, we have not been able to re-establish communications with it, and as as such, the current camera view will be our only camera view for this season.

Due to the rising of the sun to the south of the building in the morning, the nest ledge is typically flooded with intense direct sun light, and as such the camera images may be less than ideal. There will be better viewing times throughout the day as the sun rises higher, so you will have to be patient during these times. This is one of the reasons that two cameras were originally installed, one at each end of the nest ledge, so we could compensate for the increaed amount of bright sunlight that usually floods the nest ledge during these morning hours. Sadly, the disfunctional camera can not be attented to until the late fall, when the birds are no longer active on the ledge.

Tuesday April 3, 2007
Linda Woods reports:
Computer is ready for hook-up

The live TV monitor remains in the office of 18 King and still displaying a great colour live image. The computer is ready to go for the web camera image to the CPF web site web camera page.
I was able to spend some time watching the TV monitor, and the female was tight on the eggs.

Tuesday March 27, 2007
Linda Woods reports:
Both peregrines were seen on the corners of the north side of the King Edward Hotel.

Wednesday February 21, 2007
Linda Woods reports:
Spent sometime at the KEH trying to ID the birds at the King St. site. The male has a black band on rt.leg couldn't see any numbers, but I am sure it's Windwhistler. And after an hour of watching the female sit on the ledge with one talon curled up underneath her, she finally gave me a peek. On the Lt. leg, two toned band (black on red, or red on black, sorry it was very fast) and on the Rt.leg, a mauve coloured band. ( just like Wind's bands) Unfortunately I was unable to see any characters on the bands themselves. Perhaps the next attempt.

Monday February 19, 2007
Linda Woods reports:
3:30 pm
As I was walking east along King St. and approaching the King Edward Hotel, a flash in the sky caught my eye. The bird circled and fluttered up against the windows of # 1 Toronto St. The bird did this a few times and I am sure at least one of the adults from this site remain the same. Every time I see these birds do this, my heart races. I wonder what the staff on the other side of the window are doing as the bird brushes the windows, talons first.

Friday January 19, 2007
Ray Davidson reports:

Two peregrines, one male and one female were sited on the northeast corner of the roof of the King Edward Hotel this afternoon (as they have been most afternoons this month when the weather has been mild).

Wednesday December 13, 2006
Linda Woods reports:
3:00 pm
Two peregrines sitting on the east facing "flower" logo of Toronto Metro Hall.
4:00 pm
As I was walking past the King Edward Hotel, two peregrines were on the north-east corner of the Hotel.

Wednesday November 22, 2006
Jan Chudy reports:
I am very happy to confirm that today at 10:15 a.m. two pairs of peregrines were clearly in view - one pair at the Sheraton, watched by me, and one pair at 18 King Street watched by Linda.

Sunday November 19, 2006
Linda Woods reports:
2:20 pm - 3:30 pm
I'm watching the Santa Clause parade march along Front St. at the same time I have one peregrine on One Financial and the other on the King Edward Hotel. After the parade ended, the birds were gone. I hope they got their letter to Santa.....".with visions of sugared pigeons dancing in their heads......."

Saturday October 14, 2006
Harry Crawford reports:
When I passed the area at 9:20am, Mandy was on the nest ledge while her significant other was on First Financial. Returning through the area at 10:30am, found both adults in adjacent squares on the nest ledge. Yesterday, I saw Mandy in the same location at 1pm.

Wednesday October 4, 2006
Linda Woods reports:
The Adult female ( Mandy) has been seen on a regular basis, in and around the nest ledge of #18 King St.This morning  while watching the storm pass through the downtown area, I notice a dark shadow on the south west corner of One  Toronto. St. The adult female was sitting on the railing in the rain. Don't know if she sat there through the entire lightning storm.

Thursday August 31, 2006
Linda Woods reports:
Adult female peregrine seen on the nest ledge around noon. Later, she was on the glass atrium of One Toronto St. , at 6:30 p.m.
8:00p.m an adult peregrine was seen on the spire of St. James Cathedral.The remaining juveniles have not been seen in the area for weeks now, and hopefully successfully on their way south.

Monday August 14, 2006
Linda Woods reports:
Adult seen on the north east corner of the King Edward Hotel, flapping in the rain.

Monday July 17, 2006
Linda Woods reports:
It's usually this time in the evening that I see the King St. birds. I was just in time, I no longer sat down on my balcony that I could hear a juvenile vocalizing ( that familiar cry " FOOD, FOOD NOW!" )
I got a glimpse of one flying towards leader lane from the east. Just then I saw the adult with prey in her talons. I had a perfect seat to see the juvie fly up and snatch the prey out of the adults talons.
The adult flew to the west, and the juvie now loosing height and flapping as hard as it could to maintain height and hold onto the meal. The juvie did a small circle around Church and King St. to gain height and eventually set down on the east side of the condo building at King and Church Sts. The adult was found sitting on the south west corner of # 1 Toronto. The second juvenile was not seen at this time.

Thursday July 13, 2006
Mark Nash reports:
Yet another Fatality

It is with great sadness that I must report that we have had yet another fatality from the Toronto downtown 18 King Street nest site.

Sonyadore as she was named has been found dead atop of one of the Toronto downtown hi-rises. Identified by her band identification, we were able to confirm a positive identification. Alerted by our good friends at FLAP, who responded to a call from one of the building management groups of one of Toronto’s hi-rise office towers just blocks away from the 18 King Street nest site, Sonyadore was found after having been located at the base of a huge air intake ventilation shaft/room on the top of the building. Linda Woods from the CPF was dispatched and had the gruesome task of examining, photographing, and completing the CPF report for the MNR. She was discovered along with several other dead birds that had obviously met the same fate. Unable to escape and get out, it was quite obvious that she had been trapped for several days, and had starved to death. Surrounded by 15 plus foot vertical walls, and with little horizontal space to work with, she was simply not able to get back out.

It’s tragic and unexpected as Sonyador has already defied her expectations of survival at this point for a young fledgling. While she has already been rescued once this season, she was flying so well, and at this late stage of her development, and we typically see the juvenile fledglings make it through to the fall when they migrate out of the territory.

The property management of this particular building and well as many others are working with the CPF to prevent tragedies like this one from happening again.

(Webmaster's note:) Photos have been added to the 2006 Downtown Toronto - King Street Photo Gallery.

Tuesday July 4, 2006
Linda Woods reports:
As I was sitting on my balcony, only because the air conditioning in the building has gone out again for the third time, I took this opportunity to take a peak at the sky line. One juvenile flew off the roof of #18 King St. and over to the top of BCE Place. It was for a long time. Could not see any other birds.

Friday June 30, 2006
Linda Woods reports:
6:30 - 7:00p.m.
Peregrine Head count,
At 6:30 I could see and adult cleaning prey on the east side of the King Edward Hotel. She was on the ledge just below the Crystall Ball Room Windows. I watched her fly off and over to what I expect was CHFI as I had seen a juvenile lying down on that area earlier in the afternoon.
7:00p.m. I made my way to Leader Lane via south end of Victoria St. 2 juveniles were on the south-east corner roof top of the nest building. One juvenile was on the south west corner of 33 Victoria St. One adult ( Windwhistler I presume) was on the bottom ledge of Scotia Plaza. He was sitting in the middle of the ledge and with the building structure surrounding him, it looked as if he was on his podium looking over his kingdom.

Thursday June 29, 2006
Jan Chudy reports:
Passing the nest building at 7:05 this morning I spotted an adult on the ledge and one juvenile on the top SW corner of 20 Toronto Street lying down. I went back along at lunchtime arriving at Toronto and Court at approximately 1:15. An adult (the female I believe) was on the northern-most ledge. She seemed to be staring pretty fixedly east. I scanned the roofs but could see nothing. Zoe joined me and we moved to Leader Lane. Nothing except the adult in sight. The thunder storm started, together with the rain and I decided to head back to the office. It started pouring as I got to Victoria Street. I looked up and the adult was still in the same spot. A quick scan found a juvenile on the lower SW corner of 20 Toronto Street. Based on the size, I am sure it was Sunyador. I watched (in the pouring rain) until 1:45 and she did not flinch. So, at least she has had a good shower!!

Tuesday June 27, 2006
Linda Woods reports:
I can clearly see Sonyador, sitting on the ledge on which Mark placed her last night. This rain will give her a "day off" and help her settle down from her experience with Humans.

Monday June 26, 2006
Linda Woods reports:
This morning looking out my window, I saw two peregrines soaring high above the downtown core. One peregrine, I believe to be a juvenile landed on the north side of BCE Place while the adult landed on the antenna of CIBC building. I did not see the juvenile fly off. The adult continued on it's flight over to Lombard St. and I thought it might set down on the condo tower under construction, but instead in continued on past Church St and then circled back. It drifted over to One Financial Place and then out of view.

Another juvenile was also seen on the roof of One Toronto St. Later today an adult, I believe to be Windwhistler-Spike on the south-west corner of Old Commerce Court, possibly to keep an eye on both nest sites. Yesterday we received a call regarding "Grey Lady Down" on Front St. I wasn't able to get to the location fast enough due to all the traffic and road closures. The bird is in the good care of Toronto Wildlife and should be returned to us this evening for release after dark.

Zoe Berger reports: Monday stopped by Leader Lane on my way to work. Only one peregrine was in sight - a juvenile on the middle southwest step of First Financial. Got on the streetcar to First Canadian Place. When I looked back - after seeing, so many times from Leader Lane, falcons zooming down King Street towards Bay - I was finally west of them and saw them coming towards me!! One flew south (could have been the one that was on First Financial) and knocked one off the condo at 7 King. The two flew around a bit before tearing down King. When they got to Bay one turned north out of view and the other turned south - flew around the new Commerce Court to old Commerce Court. The Commerce Court bird was not that high - less than half the height of CCW. There was an adult high up and disappeared out of sight on the east side of Scotia.

I went over at lunch and found a new watcher from the Etobicoke site - he used to live there - not sure he actually was a watcher - but he was ready with camera - and no falcons in sight except for an adult on the loeuvres - I think it was the female.

Mark Nash reports: Mortality of Big Becky
It is with much sadness that I must report that we have been informed that one of the Toronto King Street fledglings has been found dead on a roof top in downtown Toronto. Alerted by telephone by our good friends at FLAP this afternoon, I received t bad news that a young juvenile peregrine had been found dead on a roof top to the west of Yonge Street. The peregrine identified by her band number checks out to be Big Becky, and by all accounts, it might appear that we have had our first death as a result of a juvenile crossing over the territorial line into Winds turf. As you know, Wind is nesting at the Sheraton Hotel nest site only several blocks west of the King Street nest site.

While the cause of Big Becky’s death is still pure speculation at this time, it would be very unusual to see such a healthy fledged juvenile in such good shape simply lying dead on a roof top in full view of her parents and siblings, and no obvious signs of collision or impact. It would not surprise us to learn that she might have been killed as she crossed over into Winds territory, as this is something that we had expected long before now. It is still a mystery as to how these two pairs of peregrines have not had serious territorial issues in the past years while they have been nesting so very close to each other. Windwhistler is of course the sire/father at both nest sites, and has been successful in crossing over the “territorial line” between the two for four years now. We will be retrieving Becky’s body later in the week to deliver to the MNR, along with the other fatalities that have happened so far this year at the other nest sites.

Release of Sonyador
8:00 pm – After meeting with Amy from the Toronto Wildlife Centre at the 401 and Islington, and with Sonyador now in hand, I proceeded to the Toronto King Street nest site to meet with Linda and building security. As darkness fell, we were shuttled to the roof of the nest building by security to the lower roof elevation on the south side. After a final quick examination just prior to her release, and an opportunity to apply some green coloured tape to the Silver USFW band that will allow the watchers to clearly identify her from her other siblings, Sonyador was released back to the roof successfully. She was placed on the lower south roof elevation, on the east side to the entrance of the small louvered ledge where she would be able to get her bearings at day light. This elevation and direction is the same as the nest ledge that she was raised on with her siblings, and should help her orientate her in the morning.

A footnote: Over the years, and each year, there is always one peregrine juvenile that stands out, - you know, - the cutest one. Sonyador is most certainly that peregrine! While we try not to get tooooo attached to these birds any more than we have to, your heart melts sometimes, and this was one of those occasions, as this little peregrine is heart breaker indeed!! Linda and both struggled with our emotions as this little barrel rounded chest peregrine stole our hearts.

(Webmaster's note:) Photos have been added to the 2006 Downtown Toronto - King Street Photo Gallery.

Sunday June 25, 2006
Linda Woods reports:
Thru out the day I was seeing only one adult and one juvenile.
6:00 p.m. while adjusting the Sheraton camera, I could see one adult on the north west side of One Financial. I'm assuming this bird was Windwhistler.
6:45p.m. One adult on the ledge adjacent to the nest ledge, and one juvenile on the north-east corner of the King Edward Hotel. Other juvies not seen together in a couple of days.

Mark Nash reports: While the weekend was quiet – at least on the peregrine front for the most parts, I was quickly reminded that is still fledge time for the peregrine juveniles. Today was no different. Thank you to the quick response time of the Toronto Animal Services who was dispatched to the rescue, one of the downed fledgling juveniles was quickly scooped up from the sidewalk outside of # 4 Front Street East this afternoon. With many thanks to Rick for both calling us, he was able to contain and retrieve Sonyador from the outdoor patio area at ground level where she had been grounded. Sonyador was then taken to the Toronto Wild life Centre for further examination and safe keeping until we could get there. After speaking to Amy at the TWC, the juvenile fledgling’s ID has been confirmed by her band number as Sonyador, one of the four juvenile fledglings from the Toronto 18 King Street nest site. Arrangements are being made to pick her up tomorrow night – (Monday June 26th), and release her back to the nest building roof top to join her parents and siblings. While a little de-hydrated, she appears to be no worse for wear, and has been given a clean bill of health by the TWC staff.

Stay tuned…………

Saturday June 24, 2006
Linda Woods reports:
5:15 am
Once again I was awaken early this morning. Not sure if I have a visual problem. I have this fog, haze in my field of vision. Not sure if it's my eye sight, or the fact for the second night in a row, the fire alarms are going off. Since I was up anyway, thought I would take a "look see' at the building points. Birds were sitting the usual positions, but one caught my interest. One juvenile is one the south -east service area ( shoulder) of #18 King St. doing a lot of flapping and wing stretching while walking. To me it appears to be activity a young fledgling, could be final chick has flown off the CHFI building back to the nest building. Can't confirm that since I am not in a position to see the other peregrines.

Fire trucks have departed, alarm still going off, and bird on the shoulder of the building no longer visible.

Harry Crawford reports: Today, I arrived at Leader Lane just after 7:35am -- Linda was already in the area. I couldn't find the recent fledgling that Linda reported being on the nest building roof earlier this morning. vocalisation could be heard near the building but the other chicks were in the area and also made a lot of noise. Both adults were once again in close proximity to the nest building. The birds are now using the old Canadian Pacific building on the north east corner of King and Yonge. At 8:28am, Linda and I observed the new fledgling on the roof of the CHFI building. It was there yesterday, moved over to the roof of the nest building and then back to CHFI. When Paul arrived, just after 9am, he spotted a chick on one of the nest building ledges. Another was on the south roof ledge of 20 Victoria and when I left the area around 9:20am, the latest chick was still on CHFI, now on the north west corner.

Zoe Berger reports: Saturday I spent about an hour after the Market. The newest fledgling (I assume since it was alone) was in the same spot on CHFI as when I left it Friday after work. Spike flew into the louvered area on the nest building and disappeared. He popped out shortly and stayed quite awhile. All of a sudden the chick glided into the air and by the flying I'm sure it's the newest one. Several trips around were made - behind the nest building in front of First Financial looping south in front of Scotia - all at approximately nest site height. Flight looked very good. Kind of sad to see it alone all that time. I didn't see any other peregrines. When I left Spike was at the bottom of the cooling tower on CHFI - east side.

Linda Woods reports: After Harry closed his shift on site, not much activity was seen. Took this time to do some catch up on other issues. As I was walking by the site around 5:30, an adult was on one of the ledges adjacent to the nest ledge. One juvenile was in view. Viewing from the Sheraton Hotel, one juvenile was on the north east corner of the white penthouse of CHFI. Returning to King, one juvenile on the rails of CHFI, one on the roof of # 18 King. Could not get a sight line on the north east corner of CHFI to confirm if the juvie was still there.

Just to let everyone know, that the early morning and all day watch is no longer required at King St. Frequent checks throughout the day for the next couple days is all that is required. Hopefully we will be treated to some evening aerial displays, but not seeing the all juvies together to day may indicate that they have already moved out of the area. I wouldn't doubt that Sir Adam is spending sometime on the waterfront. Checks in the morning, lunchtime and evening should be sufficient, unless there is any concern for one of the juvies.

Friday June 23, 2006
Harry Crawford reports:
When I arrived at Court and Toronto at 5:30am, I found the nest empty. Our fourth chick must have fledged before I arrived! Since I couldn't see any obvious sign of it, I completed three extensive ground searches of the area during the next few hours. The three flyers were still flying around and vocalising which of course confused everything. One thing started to become clear -- both adults were staying close to the area. One was on the CHFI antenna and the other was on the flag pole of 7 King East. The one on the CHFI antenna was paying particular attention to one chick that was on the roof of the CHFI mechanical room. This chick was flapping and running the length of the roof -- back and forth. It also flew from one end to the other. The adult would accompany the chick during some of these exercises. This had to be our fledgling.

Later, at 8:30am, there was a food drop on the CHFI roof. One of the Enbridge workers said that he clearly saw four chicks run for the food when the adult took off. This is a hard area to see clearly. Zoe and I left for work at 8:50am.

Linda Woods reports: 09:00 - 10:30

07:00 It's becoming more and more challenging to get up in the morning after chasing peregrines till after sunset the night before. But after one coffee, for Harry's sake, I'm ready to go. I do a building point check every morning after rising, when the light is perfect, and most perky peregrines are clearly visible.

I did notice that the adults were directly in the area of CHFI. That clued my into the possibility the young bird has taken flight. Arriving at the site, Paul informed me that the bird has indeed fledged and most likely on CHFI. We tried to get an sight line on that portion of the building, but was not successful. The activity level was almost nil and with that I headed into the office.

After arriving back on site around 3:30p.m. Thing were pretty quiet. It wasn't until I was searching for a better sight line again, that I was informed by Jan, Paul and Zoe the activity level of two of the juvenile directly over the parking lot in which we stand to observe. Sorry I missed it, it would have been most entertaining. Very little activity occurred in the evening. Food was taken to the CHFI roof.

8:40p.m. Walking at King and Yonge Sts., I caught the glimpse touching down on the Stinson building. On closer examination, to my surprise two other juveniles had reserved their spot for the night directly above the one that just landed. It was very cute to see. The two juveniles snuggled together two levels above the third. One last look, I found the adult on the lower level of One Financial which probably means the fledgling was still on the inner roof of CHFI.

Paul Marsh reports: I spent the morning watching three chicks on top of the CHFI building on Victoria St. Two of them took periodic flights off the rooftop, returning to sit with the third, whom I assumed was the new fledgling. Jan joined me on Leader Lane, and about 12:30 we heard a lot of screeching right above us. We looked up to see the two more mature chicks having a pitched food fight. One seemed to have food in its talons, and the second was trying to take it from him or her. They locked talons, and for a moment did a little pinwheel in the air. The mother then joined them, and the three of them put on an air show over the neighbourhood, circling and chasing each other. The two chicks finally disappeared to the west, flying behind the Scotia Tower. The mother returned around 1 with food for the recently fledged chick, which settled in and stayed on the roof until evening.

Zoe Berger reports: Friday at lunch I did get to see the two of the fledglings that hang out together doing wonderful swoops and talon touching in front of One King - up very high. At one point the female adult got in on the goings on. Apparently this scene was a repeat of what was observed earlier only closer to the nest building. The two fledglings settled down on the roof of One King and one flew over to one of the crane shaped objects on the roof. The other joined shortly. I didn't see Sir Adam, assuming the two are the two who fledged the same day. Great flying. Stopping by after work the new fledgling was on the roof of CHFI, southwest corner. The others were not in view.

Thursday June 22, 2006
Harry Crawford reports:
I arrived at King and Yonge at 5:35am to what turned out to be a quiet and uneventful early morning. The three flyers were flying and the last chick was still in the nest. One of the chicks, a female I think, was way up on the Stinson building at one point. Around 7:24am, there was a food drop on the top of First Financial and two of the chicks ended up there. At the same time a female chick spent a lot of time screaming from the north west corner of the nest building. Jan confirmed its presence while I could see the other two so there was no doubt we had all four chicks accounted for. Mother was around most of the time and dad showed up after 8am. The nest chick spent a lot of time flapping and bobbing his head. Linda took over and Zoe and I headed to work at 8:55am

Linda Woods reports: 09:00 - 6:30p.m.
The wait continues for the final juvenile to take flight. Not a lot of activity this afternoon, almost a repeat of Harry's shift. Paul and Neil assist in covering the remainder of the day and evening shifts, with Jan and Zoe dropping by before work, during their lunch and then check in before they head home from work. Things picked up for about 10 minutes around 3:30, but that was just a lot of vocalizing by a chick on the roof of One Toronto St. Also seen was a brief game of tag by two of the juveniles. One young one spent all day on the north west side of the Stinson building ( 3/4) of the way up the building. on a window sill.
6:30p.m. No change . Paul and Neil took over the watch, while I and Mark headed for the Sheraton Hotel to complete the install and hook up of the second camera.
7:00p.m. viewing from home, I could see two juveniles were playing at the top of the Scotia Plaza! While one adult was sitting on one of the ledges in the "V"

Wednesday June 21, 2006
Harry Crawford reports:
This morning, I arrived at Court and Toronto at 5:30am to find the young male still in the nest. A juvenile male and female were on the CHFI building and an adult on First Financial. I thought I saw flapping on the lower step of First Financial but couldn't be sure. The juvenile female that was on the lower building yesterday still could not be found. At 7:23am, the second adult arrived in the area. The two juveniles are still on the CHFI roof and chimney area. At 7:55am, mother brought food into the nest. At 8:17am, Sir Adam was chasing a pair of pigeons. He really looked good. Mother joined in and got one of them, took it over to the 15 Toronto roof and prepared it for the chicks on CHFI. The chick in the nest was not very active during my part of the watch.

Paul and Zoe joined the watch and about 8:45am, Paul spotted an incoming bird. It landed on the roof of First Financial -- the second juvenile female. The flight looked great but the landing could have used a bit more polish. All four chicks and one adult were now in view! Zoe and I headed off to our respective places of work at 8:50am. Just then, we noticed the recent arrival taking off for the top of the Stinson building, 1 King West. This building is over 50 floors high. What a morning!

Linda Woods reports: 12:00 - 8:30p.m.
Quiet day, nest bird still in the nest ledge... unfledged, I think it's waiting for the 504 street car. :)
The absent young bird showed up while Harry was holding down the watch. Happy to hear that news. The other fledglings are doing surprisingly very well this early after fledging and chasing pigeons already! Wonderful to see the adults interact with the juveniles. I think we are going to be treated to a wonderful season of evening airshows once the final juvenile is in the air!

Tuesday June 20, 2006
Harry Crawford reports:
I approached the nest area from Yonge and King at 6am. The female chick that spent the evening on the cooling device on the King Edward Hotel was still there. I couldn't find the one on 1 Toronto. The youngest was still in the nest. One adult was circling Scotia Plaza. At 6:16am, I found the second female on the south east corner of 1 Toronto. She appears to be using the whole roof area and disappears from time to time. The last remaining nestling has been working up quite a sweat. I think it is still a little early for him to go. He still has quite a bit of white left on him. At 6:30am, the first fledge, Sir Adam (I call him flyboy) was making a number of circles in and around the nest building. He is doing extremely well. The second adult appeared shortly adding to the full count of six birds. At 6:50am, there was a food drop in the nest ledge.

7:20am saw the female from the King Edward cooling tower take off and land on the roof of 15 Toronto. This was a good high flight. I've now lost sight of the female on 1 Toronto. There was another food drop into the nest at 7:49am. At 8am, Jan was on scene and immediately spotted the 1 Toronto female -- she was on the north west corner of the building, directly across from her sister on 15 Toronto. With Sir Adam (flyboy) on the south west corner of the nest building, and the youngest in the nest, we once again had all four chicks in view. A bit later, the female from 1 Toronto made it over to 20 Toronto, just across the street. Linda was on scene for some time now along with Paul. Zoe and I headed for work at 8:50am. This was a very good morning.

Monday June 19, 2006
Linda Woods reports:
10:00 - 9:45p.m.
Arrived on site to see all three sitting on the ledge. Sir Adam still in the exact place Harry last saw him. One adult was on the Harry Stinson building at One King St. West.second adult on Scotia Plaza Very slow morning, with the humidity building and the threat of thunder storms looming. The clouds moved out and the humidity with the sun shine moved in. I was falling a sleep standing up waiting for some sort of activity. Maybe a flap or two, something to show me that someone wasn't pulling a fast one on me and replaced the real peregrines with plastic ones.

Then I noticed the adults moved off and then an enormous amount of vocalization coming from the nest ledge. I changed my position to see what was going on, just in time to see a bird #2 take off and over towards the upper area of the King Edward Hotel. Just then Neil came on site to assist with locating the newly fledged bird. During the hunt bird # 3 took off and headed towards the KEH, but circled back and onto the south shoulder of the nest building.

Sir Adam made a few appearances throughout the day, usually when meals were served. He did return to the nest building to spend a short time with his sibling.

All and all, the flights were very good, with the exception of one bird who ended up on the 9th floor roof top of the King Edward Hotel and finally on the cooling tower on the King St. side . The bird was still there at sunset. On closing the watch after dark. the birds were in the general area of the following locations, ( exact locations of the peregrines are disclosed to Watch Volunteers Only)
Two juvies on the roof top of a building on Toronto St.
One juvie was on the cooling tower of King Edward Hotel
and the little one was still in the nest ledge.
All and all a very good day, with much interest shown from the film crew of "Angela's Eyes"

Harry Crawford reports: At 5:50am, I found all three chicks sitting on the nest ledge. The fledged chick was on the east roof edge just above them. For the moment, they were quite. From that point on, the three on the ledge screamed and flapped almost continuously. One chick actually climbed half way up the pillar. The chicks in the nest were fed at 6:15am and 8:25am; the one on the roof at 7:31am. At 6:27, the fledged chick flew into one of the squares just south of the nest ledge -- now all four chicks are lined up in a row! Both adults made passes in front of the nest ledge at 6:47am to entice the youngsters out. Not! One or both of the female chicks appear ready to go. It may have been the continuous rain that stopped them. When I left at 8:50am, they were still quite vocal and active.

Sunday June 18, 2006
Harry Crawford reports:
5:45am found all three chicks on the nest ledge and the fledged male on the top of First Financial. One of the adults was on the CHFI cooling tower. All four chicks are now accounted for. Things were very quiet this morning with little flapping and vocalisation. At 6:02am, all three chicks were standing up side by side in the same square. At 6:33am, the fledged chick got a food drop from mom. The nest chicks were fed three times: 6:40am, 8:23am and 9:33am. The fledged chick made several small, controlled flights around the area. His flappings were not frantic and the landings were accurate -- great job! At one time, both adults were on the top of the CHFI loop antenna, one above the other. When I left at 10am, the nesting chick were resting, the adults were not visible and neither was the fledged chick.

Zoe Berger reports: I got there a bit before 11 am and I finally saw one chick stand up in the nest. Spike defeathered a meal on the corner of 33 Victoria while the adult female watched from the condo across King. When he finished he took the food to the top of the nest building. The one chick was screaming but food did not go in at that point. Spike left the food and took off. Within 1/2 hour food did go into the nest. I didn't see either adult get the food that was left so not sure if it was that or a new kill. I still didn't get to see more than one chick until quite a bit later even though there was a feeding.

Meanwhile Paul and I discovered one of the female's favorite spots - on the new building at King & Yonge, east side, on top of the tallest white column - the one on the north side, not the southern one. She has a great hunting view and we watched her chase and miss a pigeon from there.

Sir Adam showed up for a bit and landed on the nest roof (not far from where that food had been dropped). He didn't stay long - flew over to First Financial, didn't stay more than a few seconds and flew south again - out of sight. Looking quite good in the air though of course still quite flappy.

The 3 nest chicks were all visible for most of the rest of the time. The one closest to being ready to go did the flap flap and ledge running thing several times. At one point she (I believe) was in the south box with the youngest (male?) who was also on the edge of the ledge. Apparently he was in her way because she knocked him off the ledge - thankfully the right way. It was quite funny. He popped right back up and has done a fair amount of flapping as well.

I saw what I thought was an adult aiming for the bottom of the notch on Scotia, not quite making it, and bouncing into the building and dropping out of sight. Because of the activity in the nest and the heat I didn't make it to Bay Street to check it out. Before I left at 3 pm I checked the spot on the new building and the female adult was back there. I'm hoping the Scotia bird was her.

Linda Woods reports: 6:00 - 9:00p.m.
Not a lot of activity tonight, I guess much to hot to be flapping around. The little one, who I was equating to our "Forest Gump" was doing all the vocalizing tonight and even seen on more than one occasion. Good for him! Food went into the ledge around 8:45 and assume that will be it for the night. Still had not seen Sir Adam in the area. Adult female was on # 1 King St.. up near the top on one of the balconies, on the north east side.

Paul and I called it a night and made our way home. I thought I would walk a different way and take a peak at the south side of some of the buildings. I took a quick look at old Commerce Court.... nothing. I then thought I would look at the south-east side of One King St. and as I move my bins from commerce court to the top of One King St. a dark marking on one of the window frames caught my attention.

There HE IS! South-East side of One King St. WEST. hanging onto a window frame. Very high, approximately 3/4 from the top. lots of air space to recover when he decides to leave. I guess he was following Mom and didn't quite make it to her height.( he was still there at 9:10 p.m.)

Saturday June 17, 2006
Harry Crawford reports:
Arriving at Yonge and King at 5:45am, I couldn't find the male chick that spent the night on the condo. One adult was on First Financial and all three chicks were visible in the nest area. At 6:06am, I finally found the missing male. He was simply further back from the ledge, out of view. All chicks are now accounted for. At 6:35am, there were two food drops into the nest area by the same adult. The chicks here spent most of the morning sleeping and were not as vocal as yesterday. The flying chick made it over to the roof of the nest building, spent about an hour there and then flew over to the roof of the CHFI penthouse. He tends to use the roof area and it is difficult to see him most of the time. His flights are very good and he is maintaining excellent height. Both adults were around but not necessarily at the same time. Linda was on site when I left at 10am with Paul on his way over.

Linda Woods reports: 10:00 - 9:00p.m.
Not much to report on the three younger peregrines. They were fed numerous times. Lots of vocalizing, flapping. They youngest one was finally seen for an extended period of time, late this afternoon. Sir Adam continued his flying adventures, back and forth from the King Edward to the nest building.
8:30p.m. he even made it to the top of One Financial, after that he took off towards the south-west direction and may have ended up south of # 7 condos. Paul and I walked the block, but did not see any indication of him. Good flyer, good landings. I don't think we need to be too concerned about our "gifted child"
Hope the others will do just as well.
The 3 others were fed about 8:30p.m. and by 9:15 they were settling down for the night.

Friday June 16, 2006
Harry Crawford reports:
Arriving at Court and Toronto at 6am, I found the male chick that was rescued yesterday on the north east corner of the nest building where it was released. Two of the other chicks were on the nest ledge. All were vocalising and exercising their wings. Both adults were spotted on First Financial. Finally, at 6:22am, the third chick was spotted on the nest ledge. It was just in behind the others. Dad did a food drop for the chick on the corner at 6:26am. If the others were fed, it was done before I arrived. Later, Mom was seen stashing food on the north ledge of the King Edward Hotel. Linda was on scene for some time so the watch was covered when I left for work at 8:50am.

Linda Woods reports: 09:00 - 7:45p.m.
Picking up the report from where Harry left off. Sir Adam took flight at 10:00 off the north west corner of the nest building where Paul and I released him last evening. He flew over to the north west corner of the King Edward Hotel. There he had a meal, a nap, a stretch and scratch and then took flight again. His stops throughout the day were as follows;

King Edward Hotel Ball Room roof.
33 Victoria St.
King Edward Hotel Ball room roof ( forgot that he had already been there)
The louvers
Then, to the south service roof top of the nest building, where he found the opening between the pillars, which allowed him to sit on that ledge. ( Kingsley used to do the same thing).
And the last flight of my shift at around 7:00p.m. was from the south service roof, with an adult in escort and up to the building on the south side of King St.

Amazing and I still think we have a gifted child. He maintained height, and doesn't seem to panic during his flights. Food is definitely being used as an encouragement, and also have seen the adult female doing the touch and go exercises. I think he may be staying up this time. The other two juveniles were seen often during the day, vocalizing etc. The third juvenile appears to be the odd ball out. Rarely comes to the nest ledge, When food comes to the ledge, this bird doesn't show much interest. Very little flapping seen from this one either. I think this one needs some watching.
Paul took over the watch at 7:45.

Thursday June 15, 2006
Linda Woods reports:
08:00 Sir Adam had spent the night on the south side of the nest building.and appears to be ready to go again. At approx 09:00 he took off and set down on the upper elevations of the King Edward Hotel. Good for him he gained some height. I think we have a gifted child here. Sir Adam spent the whole day there, lounging , being fed by mother. His siblings didn't appear to have interested in going beyond the shadow of the nest ledge. Some flapping, but not too aggressive. Still have down on them.

Approx 3:15 Sir Adam took off without being seen. After a quick search around the area, phone call came in, that a bird is on the ground just east of the nest building. After a 2 minute walk, there he was, with a captured audience, looking at him. Quickly pick him up. No apparent injuries, just peregrine breath. He was place in the rescue box and taken to a secure and quiet area.

The remainder of the day was uneventful from the rest of the clan. Sir Adam was placed back on the nest ledge level of the north roof. he was still there when we departed the roof area.

Wednesday June 14, 2006
Jan chudy reports:
Well, an exciting day. I checked on Sir Adam between 8 and 8:20 a.m (with Linda) and he seemed relatively content on the NE corner of 18 King Street. Checking in again during lunchtime he seemed a bit more active and resisted following his parent when it flew by him on the way to the radio station railing. The big event happened in the evening. I arrived at Toronto and Court about 5:30. Sir Adam was moving around a fair bit, as was one of his sibling on the nest ledge. Shortly after the cathedral bells rang 5:45, Sir Adam took off and flew to the upper level of the King Eddie. He "flared" against the chimney and landed on the roof. Shortly thereafter, he took off again, apprently aiming for the nest ledge. An adult appeared from nowehere to try to guide him. However, he came to a halt when he encountered the south side of 18 King. Again, he "flared" against the louvre on the top of the main building and landed on the (small) ledge. I can confirm that while he does not seem to gain height, he certainly seems to hold his own and not lose height. In addition, he has been smart enough on two occasions to flare his wings rather than have impact. I called Linda to advise and after she spoke to Mark she called to let me know she would be coming to King Street. I left the site at 6:30, with Wendy on hand at Leader Lane to keep watch until Linda arrived.

Wednesday June 14, 2006

(Webmaster's note:) The 2006 Downtown Toronto - King Street Photo Gallery has been created. It is available as one of the main links at the top of this nest site page.

Tuesday June 13, 2006
Linda Woods reports:
1st Rescue

I received a call reporting that a young bird had flown off the nest ledge. Calculating the ages of the birds from the banding this past Friday, we knew this bird had fledged prematurely. A search was initiated and the bird was found on the lower area of the King Edward Hotel amongst all the water cooling equipment. This area is currently being used by hotel staff for spring maintenance of the hotel cooling system. A lot of equipment could put the premature fledling at risk. Mark Nash was informed and advised me of what to do.The bird was ID as "Sir Adam" or if you remember from the banding, "bucket bird" the bird that would not come out of the weighing bucket.

He was caught up successfully this afternoon with Jan's assistance, examined for injuries and other trauma, and place in the rescue box. He was found to be in very good condition, with at least another 3 - 4 days of fluff remaining on him.

As per our protocols outlined by the MNR with regards to re-release for a non injured bird, Sir Adam was detained for an observation period in the carrier and examined once again just before his release to the nest building roof top while under the cover of darkness. He was released on the north service area of the nest building, both accessible and visible to the adults. Here there is shade for the young bird during the heat of the day. When Paul and I left the area, Sir Adam was still in the spot we had place him. Back down on the ground, one adult was clearly seen on the nest ledge, but couldn’t tell if it's Mandy or Windwhistler. Will be out early in the a.m. To check

Friday June 9, 2006
Mark Nash reports:
Banding Day – All 4 very healthy chicks indeed!

A great day indeed! Assembled on the 12 floor, with much excitement in the air. With many thanks to Brookfield Properties, Solar Window washing, the Ontario Power Generation and our good friends at the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, along with some 60 plus attendees, the peregrine banding went without a hitch again this year and was a great success. This year’s 4 hatchlings were as feisty as ever, with three males and one female!! It was nice to see many of the Toronto down town watchers in attendance, as well as Cindy and Andy from OPG and Liann Rea from Brookfield Properties.

We have some very interesting news indeed with regards to the resident adults at this nest site this year. While we have confirmed that the resident adult male is still Windwhistler (a.k.a. Spike that was produced at the Etobicoke nest site in 1998), we have a NEW resident adult female!! John Pisapio, a biologist from the MNR Aurora district office who attended the swing stage again this year to extract the hatchlings from the nest ledge observed the resident adult females coloured leg band, AND it is a solid RED coloured band!!! While he was unable to get the numbers/digits, - (she was not in a posing mood as you might imagine), this news of the resident adult female wearing this red coloured band tells us an amazing story indeed!! The solid red bands are only put on the hack released birds, and this observation tells us that this year’s resident female at the Toronto Downtown nest site at 18 King Street is one of the hacked out / released birds!! We will be focusing some close attention on this new lady over the next week to try and get her identification digits from the band to confirm her identity/history.

(And yes, Windwhistler – a.k.a Spike, the resident adult male at this nest site, and he is still attending to Wind and her new hatchling at the Toronto Sheraton Hotel nest site)!! Wind has one chick hatched from her second clutch of eggs. Windwhistler’s black coloured band has been photographed on several occasions at both nest sites again this year and he is a very busy boy indeed!! Two separate families at two separate nest sites for the fourth year running!

The two male hatchlings were named: Sir Adam and Tucker, and the two female chicks were named: Big Becky and Sonyador

A huge thank you to All those involved for making this a great day!!!!!!

Web Camera update:

While we are still scrambling, and running to catch up, the Toronto Downtown nest web cam will soon be up and running with the support of Brookfield Properties, Peregrine Protection and D.G Consulting who has been kind enough to help with the telephone lines, internet connections, camera and the computer needed to provide the camera nest image.

(Webmaster's note:) Photos from today's event can be seen here.

Tuesday June 6, 2006
Jan chudy reports:
Driving along King Street at 6:50, one chick was clearly visible ltying on the nest ledge.

Monday June 5, 2006
Jan chudy reports:
I arrived at Toronto and Court at 5:25. No adults or chicks were in sight. However, at 5:45 a fluffly little head appeared and disappeared on the north corner of the nest ledge. At 5:48 the head appeared, followed by a second. They stayed in sight for about 2 minutes then vanished.

Wednesday May 31, 2006
Jan chudy reports:
I arrived at Toronto and Court at 1:05. No birds in sight. At 1:10 Mandy arrived from the SW to the 3rd ledge from the north. She spent the next five minutes scanning the skies then at 1:15 she dropped down behind the ledge. At 1:20 she popped up on the 4th ledge from the North and again scanned the skies for five minutes. At 1:25 she turned her back and stared inwards. She was in the same position when I left at 1:30.

Tuesday May 30, 2006
Jan chudy reports:
I arrived at Toronto and Court at 12:45 and no birds were in sight. At 1:00 I spotted a chick's head popping up on the south corner of the fourth ledge from the north (this was also seen by Neil who had just arrved). At 1:10 Mandy suddenly popped up from behind the ledge - she had been there the whole time. I looked away briefly at 1:15 and when I looked back, Mandy was no longer in view and I assumed she had dropped behind the ledge again. However, at 1:20, both adults arrived on the ledge together. One promptly left. At 1:35, no-one was in view.

Thursday May 25, 2006
Jan chudy reports:
Walking to Toronto Street at 12:45 I spotted Windwhistler on the SW corner of 1 Financial Place. Arriving at Court and Toronto, Mandy was on the second ledge from the north. She remained there the whole of my visit (until 1:15). During this 30 minutes, one little white fuzzy head kept appearing over the edge of the middle of the nest ledge. As I left, Windwhister was flying back up to the SW corner of 1 Financial. I had not seen him flying around so cannot guess where he was coming from.

Wednesday May 24, 2006
Linda Woods reports:
All four wee ones were sleeping in a pile when I arrived. I wasn't there 2 minutes when one of the kids starting moving, stretching. That stirred the remainder of the brood. Then both Mandy and Windwhistler came into camera view. It's "Tea Time" with an unidentified morsel for the kids.
Mandy begins to feed them, Windwhistler takes off out of view.

Wednesday May 17, 2006
Linda Woods reports:
All four chicks are now able to wander around the nest ledge. Adults were not in attendance which gave me a good look at the four big white balls of fluff.

Tuesday May 16, 2006
Linda Woods reports:
Mandy can be seen on the monitor protecting the little ones from the cold drizzle. All seems to going along well at this site.

Wednesday May 10, 2006
Linda Woods reports:
It appears that all the eggs at 18 King St. have now hatched.

Tuesday May 9, 2006
Linda Woods reports:
Second hatch for 2006, possibly a third. Difficult to see as Many was shielding the little ones from the sun.

Monday May 8, 2006
Linda Woods reports:
Tiago, engineer for 18 King St. called into the office today with his report of seeing the first Hatchling of 2006 at the #18 King St. nest site.

Sunday May 7, 2006
Linda Woods reports:
Checking in on Mandy, She was still incubating, but was very restless. She turned the eggs three times, the short time I was observing the monitor. The eggs are slowly moving south. I just hope she doesn't roll them into the area behind the pillar, or it will be difficult to see a hatch.

Wednesday May 3, 2006
Mark Nash reports for Linda Woods:
A hatch is very soon!!!

Checking 18 King Street this morning, Mandy continues to incubate with no signs of a hatch as yet,,,,- but is should be any day now!!!
Waiting for the Bell Canada telephone line to be installed, and we’ll have the web camera up and running!!!
Stay tuned………

Monday May 1, 2006
Heather B. reports:
Yesterday (Sunday) at around 11 a.m. I noticed two huge turkey vultures circling over the city, around the area of the St. James cathedral spire. Since this is pretty unusual, I got out my binoculars and watched them. Suddenly in their midst appeared a third bird, one of the falcons. He or she put up a terrific effort, zooming back and forth and dive-bombing the much larger birds among the buildings and quickly driving them away. The falcon then returned to the King St. ledge. Thought you might like to know!

Saturday April 29, 2006
Linda Woods reports:
Mandy still incubating.

Monday April 24, 2006
Mark Nash reports:
Building Staff Report: Confirmed 4 eggs!!

Quickly report from our good friends at 18 King Street. They were finally able to observe on the internal TV monitor seeing Mandy off the nest scrape for a few moments today, and are delighted to report that there are four eggs confirmed.

Update on the web camera image: We are waiting for the new telephone line to be installed, and as soon as it is in, we should have the web image up-loading to the CPF web site.

Expected Hatch: By our best calculations, we are expecting a hatch sometime between May 7th and May 10th. Stay tuned...

Tuesday April 11, 2006
Linda Woods reports:
Incubation continues, no count on how many eggs yet. We will post the number here as soon as we find out.

Tuesday April 4, 2006
Linda Woods reports:
I think we have incubation!

On reviewing the monitor for #18 King St. (computer system is out for repairs) I can see one bird in the camera view lying down. This is most indicative of incubation. Last observation eggs were not in camera view, and the adult was sitting on the edge of the ledge. Sunday I observed one adult in the ledge, but not lying down. We may have to wait until the peregrines turn the eggs into the view of the camera to determine how many.
I’ll keep you posted.

Sunday April 2, 2006
Linda Woods reports:
Viewing from the King Edward Hotel, Mandy in the ledge, can't see any eggs from this view point. Will check the camera on Monday morning. Windwhistler not in sight.

Tuesday March 28, 2006
Linda Woods reports:
Up to view the monitor, ( camera is not online as yet, computer out for upgrades)
Mandy was in view for a few moments then flew off. No eggs as yet.

Tuesday February 7, 2006
Ed Jackson reports:
Three people in a south-facing office on the 15th floor of 4 King St West were talking around 10:00 AM today, when suddenly, through a closed venetian blind, we saw the shadow of a large bird fly to the top portion of the window and hang there with wings outstretched. We opened the closed blind to see what we believe was a large peregrine falcon with one claw apparently caught on the top rim of the window, flapping to release itself. The motion of the blind opening, naturally, frightened the bird, which kept fluttering to escape. It ceased struggling for a few seconds and then suddenly it came free and flew off.

The proximity was exciting, as we got a 30-40 seconds of a close-up view of the bird's under wing-spread, breast, head, and claws. The breast was yellowish, not white, and the markings were quite beautiful. Wing-spread was perhaps 18" or wider. It all happened so quickly and we were so concerned about how we could free the bird that we were not able to describe in more detail what we saw.

From what I read, it must have been one of the peregrine falcons from 18 King St East.
A magical moment.

Sunday February 5, 2006
Jan Chudy reports:
Driving by 18 King East at 3:10, a large adult was standing on the nest ledge. I guessed it to be Mandy.

Saturday January 28, 2006
Harry Crawford reports:
Both adults were on the nest ledge at 18 King East when I passed through the area around 10:30am.

Thursday January 26, 2006
Jan Chudy reports:
As I ran by the King Street site this morning at 7:35, an adult was standing on the nest ledge facing inwards. Could not identify it but thought I should report it since Paul had not seen either bird for some days.

Wednesday January 4, 2006
Jan Chudy reports:
At 9 a.m. both Mandy and Windwhistler were on the ledges.

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