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A nest box in the top of the ADM Milling plant in Port Colborne, ON.


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NOTE: Peregrine sightings from 2006-2008 are temporarily unavailable as of April 11, 2009. We are working hard to correct this issue, please check back again soon!

April 7, 2008.

Doug Garbutt Reports:

First Egg Laid
Just want to let you know that our resident juvenile (Millie) has laid her first egg. It was not there yesterday at 2 pm but it was observed at 6:30 am today (Mon. Apr. 07/08). This was pretty exciting for us. Both mom & dad are tending nicely to their egg! We are hoping the egg is viable & that she will produce at least one more. I'll keep you posted.

April 3, 2008.

Doug Garbutt Reports:

Our resident female (Purity) has not been seen. The new juvie (Millie from the St. Lawrence Cement plant nest site in Miss.) has taken over & the new pair are really getting it on. She is sitting over the scrape in the nest box and looking like she wants to lay an egg. The pair are copulating frequently & we are hoping she will infact lay an eggs!! None have appeared to date, but our fingers are crossed.

January 9, 2008.

Doug Garbutt Reports:

Nest Site 2007 Activity Summary
Eggs laid on Mar.25,27,29 & Apr.2/07. May 3-5/07 all chicks hatch. Banded May 26/07. 3 males 1 female. Banded as Hunter (died in box pre fledge), Bandit (fledged), Magnum (died at the vet - infection), & Trillium (fledged).

The 2 falcons that fledged looked really healthy and there was no reason to believe that they would not survive. The 1st (Bandit) seemed to be an accomplished flyer but was only seen for 2 days after his 1st flight. The 2nd (Trillium) also looked great at her 1st flight. However, she was not seen after that. A very disappointing year down here! To add to the bad news, Purity (our resident female) disappeared sometime during October.

We are not sure if she migrated or died. On a somewhat positive side, there has been a new girl on the block (a new juvie on sight identified by her leg band identification as Millie who was produced this year in Mississauga 2007 at the St. Lawrence Cement Plant. Our remaining territorial adult, (Fredom) & Millie are going back & forth between our facility & another flour mill about 3 Kms north of us. Hopefully they don't decide to use that as an alternative nest site. Anyway, that is it in a nutshell.