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Information on the Resident Pair

The female is named Lawrie and she was born in Clarkson, Mississauga. Her parents are Nate and Eva, the latter of whom is still at the Clarkson nest site. Nate was a star of Project Release and Project Track'em until he settled in Mississauga. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2005. Lawrie is Nate's first-born child; she was banded on July 22nd, 2003.

The male at this nest site is named Rueben, and he is from the nest site at the Busch agricultural complex in Manitowoc, Manitowoc Country, Wisconsin. He was banded on May 9th, 2003, and has a black-over-green band on his left leg (a colour-coding that signifies the midwest United States).


Photo Gallery

Past Observations

Tuesday November 06, 2007
Mark Nash reports:
Sorry for the bad photos, but they were taken last night – (November 6th) at 4:47 pm as the dark overcast and rain moved in. Please excuse the incorrect time and date stamping on one of the photos, as both the date and time stamp on the photo is incorrect.

While it was raining when the shots were taken, and both birds were very wet and appeared to be juvenile in plumage & colour, they are the same birds that I observed last week on two other occasions. There is one adult – (full blown adult coloured plumage),,, and one juvenile in its brown coloured plumage. Sadly, I did not have the scope with me, and the light was so poor that the camera would not auto focus when I zoomed in closer. Sadly, no way to manual focus on this camera.

While utilizing the bins, I was able to get yet another good look at their plumage colour/markings, as well as being able to see their band colours, sadly just not enough magnification with the bins to see the digits on their bands.

I have confirmed for a second time that Both birds have a “RED” colour marker tape over their silver USFW band, in addition to both birds having a BLACK OVER GREEN colour marker bands on the other leg. It is obvious that they are from the USA given the Black over Green colour marker bands.

They have both been regularly roosting on the Warden Ave. & Eglinton Ave water storage tank, literally just blocks from the Scarborough hack site at Pharmacy Ave & Eglinton in the east end of Toronto. These Pefa’s are not to be confused with this years hacked Pefa’s, as All of the Scarborough hacked Pefa’s have now dispersed and have not been seen for the most parts of a month. All four hacked birds survived and took their last food offering on October 2nd /2007. This is just about the time frame that these two new Pefa’s arrived on site and were being observed by the Taxi employees at Warden and Eglinton offices.

I’m being told by the employees of the Taxi firm that occupy the offices located just south of the parking – (less than 30 yards south of the water storage tank tower), that they are seeing both Pefa’s at various times of the day, and that they have been regularly roosting on the tank most every day for the past 4 weeks.

Sadly, I have not been able to determine the sex of each bird as yet, (although one is clearly a male, and the second is clearly a female),, as both the distances and the bright while background of the storage tank has presented quite a challenge indeed. With having both the identical coloured bands – this is a challenge, as even on a dull no light day, the white glare back from the tank itself is difficult to get a real good comparison for the two birds.

Needless to say, I will endeavor to get an ID on these two. I have yet to be “skunked” in ten years. It might appear that they may stay around this winter, as they have obviously come “north” on their dispersal.

**As a footnote, the Scarborough hack box is still in place at Pharmacy Ave, with the bars having been removed last week. Bell Canada management on site has agreed to allow us to keep the box in place until further notice, and would welcome another family of peregrines should they take an interest in the facilities.

The hack box now appears to be a “very large nest box”, and who knows, just may be of interest to this potential new pair next spring. Their roosting spot on this water storage tank has a direct line of sight to the box, and is less than a 20 second flight for these guys – (as the peregrine flies).

We have been given a OK by Bell - starting in December to make the Scarborough hack site pages “for public viewing” on the CPF web site, and these updates will be posted to the existing hack site observations and photo galleries that we have been logging during the duration of the 2007 hack.

(Webmaster's note:) Photos have been added to the 2007 Scarborough Photo Gallery.

Friday November 02, 2007
Mark Nash reports:
This past Monday, and again yesterday – (November 1st/2007), I have been on sight in an effort to identify the band numbers of TWO new peregrines that have been roosting on the water tower / water storage tank at Warden Ave & Eglinton in Scarborough. I have been able to get a real good look at both Pefa’s while they were both in my bin view at the same time, roosting on the south side and underneath of the water storage tank. Sadly, I did not have my spotting scope or fresh batteries in the camera.

One Pefa is a full blown adult plumage, and the second Pefa is a juvenile – (full brown juvenile plumage). The adult Pefa has “RED” coloured tape on its USFW band, and a Black over Green coloured band on its left leg – CONFIRMED! The juvenile ALSO HAS “RED” coloured tape on its USFW band – (right leg),, and also has a Black over Green coloured band on it left leg – CONFIRMED!

My positioning was to the south of the water storage tank in a parking lot that allows observation almost “underneath” the tank itself. The taxi office employees that have an office within this parking area – (actually using this parking lot) that I spoke to said that the birds have been hanging around for several weeks now, and can be seen most every day of the week. We are trying to identify the Back over Green band numbers for these two Pefa’s, as they are not Canadian birds.

This HUGE WHITE WATER STORAGE TANK is just south of Eglinton Ave, East site of Warden Ave. It can be seen from miles away in any direction. New York State, Ohio, Penn., and Wisconsin have all used Black over Green coloured bands. Any assistance that you can provide for observations if you are in the area, or can visit the area would be most helpful indeed. Please don’t hesitate to pass this e-mail along to others that might be interested in helping.

Monday April 23, 2007
Charlie Adey reports:
For the record.
I saw one Peregrine on the North/East corner of Yellow Pages Bldg. this AM . Watched 10:30-11:00. No sign of second bird.It mostly preened and perched and once dropped into the well out of sight for a minute. No scope at the time , will have to check out another day.

Thursday April 12, 2007
The Webmaster reports:
The 2007 Scarborough Photo Gallery has been created.

Sunday April 1, 2007
Mark Nash reports:
Their new nest location has been located!!

With a huge thank you to all of those watches that have been sending in their reports on the peregrine activity in north east Scarborough, and the dedicated efforts of Bruce Massey who has spent many hours in the field on the road following up on each and every one of the reports, we have finally identified the new territory / nest location of the Scarborough peregrines.

I was finally able to attend the site on Sunday April 1st/2007, and was able to confirm Bruce’s other observations that he has been documenting over the past week. A real seek and find has been ongoing for the past months to identify the exact area and then the exact building that the peregrines have chosen for their new nesting site.

Observations have confirmed that the adult pair are in serious courtship routine, with copulation and egg fertilization is in full swing. The nest location is at Milner and Markham Road in Scarborough, atop of the Yellow Pages building. While we have yet to identify the identity of the adults, although the female peregrine shares a striking resemblance to that of Lawrie, (the same female from the Pharmacy Ave & Eglinton nest in 2005 & 2006).

Lawrie was produced at the St. Lawrence nest site in Mississauga Ontario in 2003, and is the full daughter of Nate. Nate was hacked released from the CPF ‘s peregrine hack site atop the Richmond Hill city hall in 1999. Nate was also the super star in the CPF satellite tracking program, in which he was tracked via satellite back and forth from Ontario to Columbia South America for three separate seasons. He finally achieved adult hood, attracted a mate and nested at the St. Lawrence Cement plant in Mississauga Ontario.

Sadly the height of the Yellow pages building and the upper ledges is so high that it has been very difficult to obtain any band number identification information that would help us identify the origin and any know history of the birds. We will keep trying.
Stay tuned!

August 2006
Mark Nash reports:
Lawrie and Ruben have been located!

With a huge thank you to Elli who has made contact with us about some very interesting news about two falcons that have been spending allot of time around her place of residence in the McCowan and Hwy.401 area.

After researching the band numbers of one of the peregrines, we have been able to confirm that the peregrines identity is none other than Lawrie from the Scarborough nest site. The partial band number of her male partner matches the band number of her mate identified as Ruben

Wednesday August 2, 2006
Ellie reports:
The attached photos were taken on Wednesday August 2, 2006, in the area of McCowan and 401 around 6:00 p.m. Upon discovering Lawrie sitting on the ledge in front of my window, I immediately realized she wasn't a normal bird and I was able to take a few photos of her while she sat perched and spent a few hours posing for the pictures! She then returned August 9, 2006 for a second visit and once again I was able to capture photos of her. I hope you all enjoy the recent photos of Lawrie and confirmation of her well being. We will continue to keep a look out for our little friend.

(Webmaster's note:) Photos have been added to the 2006 Scarborough Photo Gallery.

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