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January - March 1998

Friday, February 20
-- At 8:30 this morning, new video equipment was installed overlooking the nesting ledge. The newest hi-tech camera from Panasonic was installed by Intercon Security personnel, assisted by Martin Restoration and a representative of The Canadian Peregrine Foundation. The camera location was moved to the other end of the ledge; that should eliminate one of the causes of poor image quality in the past whereby the camera was facing south, always into the sun. Now the camera will be facing north, and will be adjustable by a remote computer so if the chicks wander to that end of the ledge underneath the camera, we should still be able to see them. The installation was completed by 11:45, and the ledge was cleaned up of any debris from the installation as well as last year's left-over body parts which will be sent to OMNR for examination.
-- At 10:30, Victoria arrived and perched on the corner of 33 Victoria St, to see what was going on. At 10:38, Pounce-Kingsley also arrived, perching on the National Trust building for a while before moving over to Victoria Tower to get a better view. They both remained there until after the installation was complete, without harrassing the installers.

Wednesday, February 25
Glenn Coady reports: I saw the male & female adult Peregrine Falcons from the 18 King St. E. site performing a synchronous low head bowing display several times on a rooftop on Toronto St. This display is used to renew & strengthen the pair bond between the birds. In the next two weeks watch for other displays as well such as: aerial flight displays; food passing (usually male to female); conspicuous plucking displays of prey by the male in the presence of the female; bill touching & mutual preening; and more low head bowing (particularly at the nest site). Repeated copulation attempts will likely soon follow with egg laying likely to occur early to mid-April.

Tuesday, March 3
-- Our good friend Zoe called today to report seeing both Victoria and Pounce-Kingsley "cuddling" very closely on top of Victoria Tower. It's the first she's seen of either adult since last year, but there is no mistaking their intentions: they have a definite inclination to producing another family in the near future.

Thursday, March 12
-- One of our downtown watchers has just called to report seeing three falcons in the vicinity of the nest site. One is definitely an immature peregrine. Early this afternoon, Pounce-Kingsley was not seen around, but Victoria was definitely trying her best to encourage the young interloper to move on to another neighbourhood.

Sunday, March 15
-- Bruce Massey reports observing Victoria and Pounce-Kingsley mating twice on the National Trust building within a short period of time. The second occurrence was about twice as long as the first. Both birds then flew off their separate ways to the east. Could we be seeing eggs laid with a couple of weeks? As in Etobicoke, there was no sign of the immature peregrine.

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