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March - April 2001

Monday April 30, 2001
Linda Woods reports:  
07:40.  No activity noted at the nest ledge, as yet. Both adult peregrines are not visible.  08:30 Victoria out of the nest, and rests on #20 Toronto St. (south-east corner).  08:45 Another person has appeared on the roof-top of #18 King St.  But this person is definitely looking towards the nest.  This activity seem to stir the adults.  Victoria remains on CHFI, Kingsley is out and is sitting on the roof-top of #18 King directly above the nesting area. This activity occurred after this person had left the service area of the roof.  09:40 Victoria remains on CHFI Kingsley is off the roof and I did not see his departure. 

1:00 - 4:40 Adult into the nest ledge and off again, circled the area adjacent to the building and then off to the west. Adult peregrine seen again in the same area and then off to the north/east.  If there was a hand off of the nest, it was too quick for me and position of the sun at that time day makes the sky very hazy. I think   Victoria is standing guard on the roof of # 1 Toronto, I see her in that area after departing the nest.

Sunday April 29, 2001
Linda Woods reports:  
08:00 - 11:20.  No activity at nest ledge during this time. Kingsley is seen briefly on the Scotia Tower at 09:00, and then fly around to the north side of the Tower to sit on the "S" logo. I found him on the ledge of the Trust building at 11:00 and he was still there when I departed at 11:20.

I returned to Leader Lane at 3:PM   The only activity I saw was an adult that was chasing a gull in the Church and Colbourne St area.  I didn't see either Kingsley or Victoria entering or leaving the nest ledge today.

Saturday April 28, 2001
Linda Woods reports:  
07:30 Kingsley on CHFI.  08:35 Adult into nest , and adult out of nest area and seen flying north.  09:30 No activity, and adults are not visible.  10:20 No movement or activity noted in the nesting area. Second adult is not seen in the area.
11:45 Kingsley on the Tower.  4:20p.m. As I was approaching Leader Lane and King St. via Toronto St, Adult seen flying onto nest ledge, vocalizing into the nest area, then off and flying to the south/east.  5:35p.m. Victoria lands onto nest ledge, after some activity in the area from a Turkey Vulture. She is sitting on the ledge facing inward, but no vocalization is heard. After preening she appears to be falling asleep. I guess Kingsley won't have any of this and quickly appears on the nest ledge. Kingsley leaves the nesting area, brief stop on # 20 Toronto St. and then heads west.

Friday April 27, 2001
Harry Crawford reports:  
Victoria jumped up from the nest to the ledge at 1:40pm for a full minute.  At the time, three turkey vultures were circling slowly above Scotia Plaza.  I'm not sure she saw them but she may have heard them.  The vultures moved to the north west.

David Dean reports:  5:35 PM Kingsley just flew by my BCE Place window.  He did a quick pass from the Front/Yonge area, over to the Canada Trust tower at BCE Place, circled a couple times and headed over to the Front/Bay area, where I lost sight of him. I have not seen him (or Victoria) here all week. .

Linda Woods reports:  09:30 Victoria is seen on CHFI.  09:45 Victoria off CHFI and heads north, at the same time I see Kingsley on the Trust.

10:00 Adult out of nest (Victoria & Kingsley must have installed a back door, because I keep seeing birds come out of the nest, but yet see no one going in).  A brief pass over the King Edward Hotel, short stop on the Trust and off to the west , and changes its mind and decides the north-east is better.

3:35p.m. Victoria sitting on CHFI.  Frequent inquiries about the nest site and the status of the eggs. Have not seen food go into the nest today, but a couple of times I thought both adults were out of the nest at the same time, and they appear to be leaving and entering the nest area a little more frequently.  4:20 Kingsley on the Trust, and out of the corner of my eye, I see a bird in a stoop out of the south-west, heading north-east. Couldn't I.D. Too fast, too high.  5:00p.m.
Kingsley remains on the Trust.

Thursday April 26, 2001
Linda Woods reports:  
07:30 As I arrived at Leader Lane, adult seen flying on the east side of the Scotia Tower and comes to rest on one of the ledges.  08:10 Kingsley is off the tower and is no longer visible.  08:40 Kingsley into the nest and Victoria appears on the ledge. Victoria gives her crown a little scratch and its off to the CHFI water tower. I did not see any food go into the nest with Kingsley.
2:00p.m. Victoria is seen on #20 Toronto ledge, steps back onto roof-top ( food stash?)  3:15p.m.  Victoria into the nest and Kingsley heads out of the nest and to the north-west of the Scotia Tower.  Possible food into the nest.? Kingsley is seen flying over the tower.  

4:50p.m.  Kingsley is seen briefly on the Tower and then  back into the nest. Victoria is out of the nest. Gull is seen flying near the nest building with food in its beak. Clearly a theft has taken place and Victoria is in hot pursuit to retrieve the goods. Gull drops the food (glad I'm not on the corner of King and Victoria Sts.) I was not able to see if Victoria was able to retrieve the stolen property.

Wednesday April 25, 2001
Linda Woods reports:  
08:45 Kingsley on National Trust and then off to the south/west. Back over Leader Lane area, Kingsley seen with prey in talons, vocalizing. Victoria out of nest and mid-flight food exchange. Kingsley into the nest and Victoria eventually came to rest on the CHFI water tower, food not seen. No activity seen in the nest area, other than that of the adults.

3:20p.m. Kingsley on the Scotia Tower.  3:40p.m. Victoria into nest, she was away from the nest, but neither Bruce nor I had spotted her. Kingsley headed towards the north/east.  4:30p.m. Kingsley flying around the north side of the Scotia Tower.  5:40p.m. As I crossed Leader Lane, heading towards Yonge St., out of the sky, Kingsley flies into the nest area, both adults appear on the ledge. Victoria departs the nest and goes to her favourite spot on the CHFI water tower.

Tuesday April 24, 2001
Linda Woods reports:  
11:15am.  As I approached Leader Lane from Yonge St, a large bird was sitting on the second window ledge from the roof-top of # 1 Toronto St. At first, I thought it might be Victoria, since this is the area she frequents when giving up her shift on the nest. I couldn't get an I.D on the bird, but it stayed very quiet and still until 2:30p.m.   

Kingsley was on the Scotia Tower at 11:15 and chased a small bird in front of the nest ledge. Rested on the nest ledge briefly and back to chasing the same small bird. Rests again on the grated ledge to the left of the nest ledge (the area where he does his disappearing act). Back to the nest ledge, Victoria and Kingsley both on the nest ledge, vocalizing.  Kingsley into the nest area, Victoria out and off to the east (buzzed the alien bird on #1 Toronto St.) and headed north/east.  2:45pm. Changing of the guards. Adult into nest area, other adult out and after a brief stop on the CHFI water tower, off to the east. 3:20pm. Victoria is seen on the bottom ledge of the National Trust Building.

Monday April 23, 2001
Linda Woods reports:  
9:15am.  Kingsley flew into the nest area from the east. Victoria out of the nest and over to sit on the corner of # 1 Toronto St. She remained on # 1 Toronto St. until approx. 10:40 a.m.  3:15pm. Kingsley on the Scotia Tower when I arrived. He sat there for a bit, until a few gulls wandered into the King and Victoria area. He performed a few fly-bys for me and then went to rest on the National Trust Building.  4:10pm. Kingsley cleaning prey on the middle ledge of the Trust Building.  4:30pm. Finished his meal and flew off to the south-east.

David Dean reports:  7PM. I briefly stopped by the King nest site and found both Kingsley and Victoria out of the nest area. Both were out and about and did not return to the nest while I was there (10 minutes). I did not get any good viewing opportunities as the two were visible for only seconds at a time as they flew around.

Sunday April 22, 2001
Linda Woods reports:  
10:30 a.m. Kingsley was on the bottom ledge, east side Scotia Tower. I didn't see anymore activity in or around Leader Lane despite checking the area few more times throughout the day.
Saturday April 21, 2001
Linda Woods reports: 
1:00pm.  As I was approaching the Leader Lane, adult flying out of the east went directly into the nest area. I usually see them stop on the ledge and then step back onto the nest. I didn't see any more activity and I departed.

Friday April 20, 2001
Linda Woods reports:  
08:30 No activity in nesting area. Adult seen flying in from the south-west, then north over viewing area. 09:15 Adult seen on south-west corner roof-top of building at King and Bay St. 09:30 Kingsley into nest area, Victoria out of nest and after a short stop on #20 Toronto St., and another brief stop on # 1 Toronto St. flew off to the north.  3:30pm.  Victoria on the spire of St. James church, she was still there at 4:10p.m. when I departed.

Thursday April 19, 2001
Harry Crawford reports:  Kingsley was on the east side of Scotia Plaza at 9:55am.  When I had
another view of that location about 10 minutes later, he was gone.

Linda Woods reports:  
1:15p.m.  Standing at Leader Lane, Victoria is seen on the nest ledge appears to be feeding. At the same time 2 very large birds (probably Turkey Vultures) are approaching the Scotia Tower and "checking it out".  1:30p.m.Victoria steps into the nest area.
2:00p.m. Adult out of nest area and flew north/west. Did not see where it came to rest, but judging by the behavior of the gulls flying over Toronto St and King St. my guess would be the adult came to rest on # 1 Toronto St. I walked around to view from "Features Cafe" and sure enough, Victoria is sitting on the North-west corner of # 1 Toronto St. 

Wednesday April 18, 2001
David Dean reports:  8:20am:  Kingsley just dove on a pigeon right outside my BCE Place window. All I saw was a dark flash, which met up with a white pigeon about 20 floors below. He missed, but proceeded to chase the pigeon like they were playing tag. They were at slow speed, and the pigeon was dodging left and right with Kingsley following every move about 2 feet behind. I do not know the outcome, the two disappeared around the side of my building out of sight. Also, I stopped by the downtown nest site for a few minutes last night. Kingsley made an appearance flying south down Yonge, but that is it.

Linda Woods reports:   11:50 - Viewing from Jarvis and Adelaide Sts. Kingsley on the south-west side of the National Trust, middle ledge. 1:30pm - No sightings of either adult.

Tuesday April 17, 2001
Linda Woods reports:  
8:30 - Victoria seen on the National Trust Building, second step, southwest side.  Standing at Leader Lane, what looked like Victoria, on the middle ledge, south west side, of the National Trust. She was there when I arrived at 3:15.  She remained there until 4:15 and I missed her departure.   No activity at the nest ledge was seen during this time.

Monday April 16, 2001
Linda Woods reports:  
10:30 - Walking south on Yonge St. noted Kingsley on the Scotia Tower. As I approached Leader Lane via Toronto St. Kingsley had come off the Tower and into the nest area. Victoria out of the nest and sat on the corner of # 1 Toronto St.(north-west corner).  I've come to the conclusion, the gulls are aware of the locations where Kingsley and Victoria are cleaning the prey. When Victoria was on the corner of # 1 Toronto, numerous gulls appeared and seemed to be circling the area. One gull was noted with food in it's beak. I've noticed this a few times and thinking if the gulls are in the area, the peregrines are not. Now if I see the gulls circling close to the roof-tops it may be because Victoria or Kingsley are feeding.

Sunday April 15, 2001
Linda Woods reports:  
08:00 - Standing at Leader Lane, I didn't see either peregrine.  10:00 - Kingsley was sitting on the National Trust Building, looking at me, looking at the nest building. There didn't appear to be anyone home.  10:40 - Kingsley off the trust building and that was the last of any sightings in the "nest area".  

Saturday April 14, 2001
Linda Woods reports:  
8:30 - Adult ( I am only guessing it was Victoria) on CHFI water tower. Kingsley not visible at this time.  9:50 - Kingsley on Scotia Tower, second ledge from top, north side.  Victoria no longer visible.  2:00 - Kingsley on Scotia Tower roof, south-east side, above logo. Appears to be looking to the south-west.  2:45 - Kingsley off tower. At the same time, another bird is approaching #20 Toronto St. area. At a fast glance, I could not see who it was. The bird did not come to rest in the area. Second peregrine is spotted flying from the north-east, heading to the south-west.  I waited around a little longer with no activity in the area and I departed.

6:00pm - No activity was seen from Leader Lane.  6:15 - From the north-west corner, roof-top, King Edward Hotel, Movement was seen in behind the "nest pillar" I could not tell if it was Kingsley or Victoria. The movement appeared to be as if the adult was shifting it's weight. The other adult was not seen in the area.  6:30. - Back on street level, neither Kingsley or Victoria made an appearance.

Friday April 13, 2001
Linda Woods reports:  
09:20 - Victoria on National Trust Building, Kingsley on the very top of Scotia Tower.  09:45 - Kingsley off the top of Tower, I did not see in which direction. Victoria remains on the Trust, although she has moved to the other side.  10:15 - Victoria remains on Trust building,  Kingsley is now seen on the second ledge from the top of the Tower, south side.  

10:35 - Both adults seen over the top of the Scotia Tower. One adult sits at the very top briefly, while the other goes into stoop after a crow passing over Yonge St.  Vocalizing is heard and Victoria is into the nest area. No sign of Kingsley.(perhaps he was successful with the crow)  and is on the KEH.  No other activity was seen. I departed the area at 10:50.

Thursday April 12, 2001
Linda Woods reports:  
2:10 - 3:15:  Adult on east side of Scotia Tower, bottom ledge, feeding (Kingsley).  Very hazy in the afternoon, and a lot of particles in the air, makes it difficult to see at times.  3:15:  Second peregrine seen soaring directly above Scotia Tower, while Kingsley didn't seem too concerned about this bird.  3:40:  Kingsley remains on the bottom ledge of Tower. No activity seen in nest area.  3:50:  Second peregrine returns and is seen flying by Kingsley. Kingsley is not bothered by this bird and makes no moves from his perch.  Is this Victoria?  Victoria is seen sitting on the second step, above Kingsley.  3:55:  Still no activity in the nest area. Victoria seen flying over Scotia Tower. Kingsley still on the bottom ledge of Tower, only he has moved to the centre of the ledge, I think for a better view.  4:00:  Kingsley off the tower and is seen heading north, and then both birds are seen flying very close to each other, and very low over #20 Toronto St.  4:10:  Both adults are in the area, one is vocalizing and heads for the King Edward Hotel, the other flies towards the north east and then comes to rest in the nest area. The other adult remained on the King Edward Hotel.  I departed they area at 4:15

Tuesday April 10, 2001
Linda Woods reports:  
Kingsley was seen at the nest ledge around 09:30 and then seen again on the Scotia Tower at 09:50.

Jack Fitch reports:  Kingsley has been sitting on the south west corner of the Counsel Court Building on Adelaide the last few mornings. In the past this has been a favourite hang out of his while Victoria was brooding.  The first year or two that they used the nest site at 18 King E. Kingsley and Victoria were fairly open about their comings and goings. More recently they have been fairly careful not to attract attention to the nest site or so it seems. I believe that they don't like it when they have visitors.

Monday April 9, 2001
David Dean reports:
   8AM Kingsley was just soaring at BCE Place. He then went to fly amongst the gulls over the water just west of Bay St, where I lost sight of him.

Linda Woods reports:   08:30 - 10:50  No activity was seen in the nest area, until Kingsley arrived and sat on CHFI building.  11:00 -  Victoria came out of the nesting area and flew off towards the east. Kingsley flew into the nest area. At this time it started to rain and I headed indoors.

Sunday April 8, 2001
David Dean reports:
   12PM.  When I arrived, Linda Woods quickly pointed out Kingsley who was sitting on the eastern side of the Scotia tower on the northern steps. I am glad Linda was there, I wouldn't have spotted him. He appeared as a tiny white dot in the sunshine against Scotia tower. He took flight for a few minutes, but returned. Then he decided to head over to BCE Place, where we lost sight of him

Friday April 6, 2001
David Dean reports:
   7PM. I arrived at the site to find Bruce Massey keeping Victoria, who was sitting on top of the Rev Canada building, company. She seemed quite content to let Kingsley look after the eggs as she didn't budge for the whole time I was there.

Thursday April 5, 2001
Linda Woods reports:  
8:00 - 10:15 - Kingsley is  seen on the CHFI water tower, south side, where I last saw him on Wednesday afternoon. He then flew over to the nest ledge.  Vocalizing, circled the nest ledge then off to the King Edward Hotel.  10:18: -  Feathers seen floating off roof-top of the King Edward Hotel, north side.  Both birds remained out of my sight.  I departed at 10:45 a.m.  On my return trip, I spotted Kingsley on the northwest corner of the Sleep Country Canada building, located on the northeast corner of Yonge and King St.  

3:00p.m.- I was busy talking to someone familiar with the watch, and missed the identification of an adult that then flew into the nest area.  3:15 -  Kingsley departed the ledge, circled back to the ledge and then off to sit on the south side of #20 Toronto St.  3:35 - Kingsley now seen on the south side Trust Building.  4:00 - Kingsley into nest area. Both adults appear on nest ledge. Victoria off to #20 Toronto St.  4:03 - Victoria off to the west.  4:15 - Many gulls in the area, one gull was seen flying in from over the King Edward Hotel, with food in its beak. Perhaps stolen from the roof-top? A few gulls following the one with the food wandered into roof-top area, just underneath the nest ledge. Adult peregrine( too fast for me to ID) came and scooted the birds out of the area. Unlike the last time, this episode was very "polite" and non-aggressive. I would not have noticed this episode at all had I not seen the gull with food in the first place.  4:20 - Both peregrines out of view.  

Wednesday April 4, 2001
David Dean reports: 
Wednesday 7PM. I visited the King Street site for a few minutes and quickly found Kingsley in the area, minding his own business. After a few minutes Victoria left the nest and flew straight north up Victoria Street. Kingsley didn't seem to notice, but after a couple minutes went over to the nest, I assume to take over duties in Victoria's absence. Victoria must have snuck back in because one of the birds changed the ledge it was in, and the other took off after some crows that were east about 2 blocks. I couldn't believe it. Whoever it was locked in on a crow near the church on King St. and pursued. I did not see the outcome. 

Tuesday April 3, 2001
Linda Woods reports: 
Just returned from the King St. site. 09:00 Kingsley was seen sitting on the green strapping, south side of the CHFI  water tower. He sat there for a very long time with no sign of Victoria. 10:00 a.m. Kingsley was seen feeding on the roof-top of the Toronto St. building. He was there a short while and then flew off towards the Scotia Tower. He was next seen on third ledge north side of the Scotia Tower. No sign of Victoria, nor did I see any activity on the ledge of 18 King St.

I returned around 2pm and saw nothing and was becoming concerned that neither bird had made an appearance.  3pm on may way along King St. towards Yonge, I  noticed a gull flying down Victoria St.  This bird was brave flying at the level of the nest site and I thought Kingsley and Victoria cannot be in the area, then BAM! Victoria came out of the nest area and nailed the gull. It was so exciting to see. It all happened at the intersection of King and Victoria Sts. right above our heads. The poor gull
was screaming and pedestrians were looking up to see what the heck was going on.

Monday April 2, 2001
David Dean reports: 
7:20 AM Kingsley seems unaffected by the time change, he is soaring in the Yonge and Front area right now.  For the first time, I got to see him dive. He was at the 45th floor level, rolled over on his left side, and dropped at about a 30 degree diagonal. It was amazing. He was like a laser, so fast and straight. I lost sight of him against the dark ground (I'm up in a tower), so I couldn't see what he was after. But before I knew it, he was back at the same level he started from. I didn't see anything scatter, he may have just been playing. Then he took off North up Yonge, but returned in a few minutes. Perhaps he is hunting for more than himself now?

I stopped by the King site on Friday evening. Saw Kingsley, but not Victoria. If she was there, she was laying down. Kingsley was on that beige building just north on Victoria street and did not visit the nest ledge while I was there.

Saturday March 31, 2001
Marcel Gahbauer reports: 
Linda Woods, who will be helping to coordinate the downtown Toronto Fledgling Watch for CPF this year, has reported to Mark Nash that as of yesterday, Kingsley and Victoria were taking turns visiting the traditional nest site behind the pillar on the east side of 18 King Street - as soon as one would arrive, the other would leave.  This suggests that incubation has begun at this site, which in turn would mean that Victoria probably began laying eggs on March 26 at the latest.

Wednesday March 28, 2001
Jack Fitch reports: 
Kingsley (judging by his white breast) has been spending mornings watching from the nest site at 18 King St. E. He was there yesterday morning and again this morning. He has flown off on short flights only to return soon afterward.

Tuesday March 27, 2001
David Dean reports:  
7:45AM Victoria just flew by the southern side of BCE Place (very close to the Bay Wellington tower) in a BIG hurry. She came from the area of the King St site at about the 30th floor level, and appeared to be heading toward the York/Lakeshore area. I often see either her or Kingsley head in that direction, I wonder what they are up to. Victoria was clearly on the heavy side, and looked to be working a harder than normal (constant flapping). Her feathers appeared to be in great shape.

Monday March 26, 2001
David Dean reports:  
Monday 8:00 AM Kingsley just made a morning appearance over Yonge and Front. He loves to soar here. I first saw him at about the 20th floor level, watched him go up, and up until he was barely visible in the bright sky. He disappeared from view heading north at some ridiculous altitude. I stopped by the King site on Sunday, but saw neither of the downtown pair.

Harry Crawford reports:  Both Kingsley and Victoria were on the south east side of the National Trust building at 10:50am when I was in the area.  They were on separate ledges, but at the same level.

Friday March 23, 2001
David Dean reports:  
10AM. I do not know what he was up to, but Kingsley just flew due north high over BCE Place. He came from well over the water. Perhaps he was enjoying the island.

Friday 6:00 PM. Kingsley was at the King St site for at least a few minutes this evening. There was no sign of Victoria. Kingsley was sitting on the middle ledge on the east side, and then without so much as a flinch, stepped backward off the ledge, dropped a few feet, opened his wings and flew north down Victoria. He must have known I was watching.

Thursday March 22, 2001
David Dean reports:  3:50 PM Kingsley was soaring for a few minutes in the Lakeshore/Yonge area, and down over the water a few minutes ago. He disappeared from view as he descended straight back toward the King nest site.

Jack Fitch reports:  Kingsley and Victoria were both at 18 King St. E. this morning. Victoria flew over to the Counsel Court building and sat on the edge of the roof. Kingsley flew over a minute later and tried to land on her back. He balanced above her briefly before flying off.  It looks like they are giving serious consideration to nesting at 18 King again this year.

Wednesday March 21, 2001
David Dean reports:  
6:30 PM. I stopped by the King Street nest site and quickly found the downtown pair in the immediate vicinity. Kingsley was in the nest area preening himself, while Victoria was on the south western corner of the beige colored building slightly north on Victoria Street. Kingsley flew back and forth between her and the nest box a couple times, for no obvious reason, while Victoria was all too content to remain exactly where she was, sitting in the rain. I didn't stay too long, 5 or 10 minutes, but they both seemed pleased to just hang around. Victoria had her back to me, and I think she was in anti-rain mode, but she looked like she's packing on some weight from where I was.

Sunday March 18, 2001
Marcel Gahbauer reports:  The saga of Kingsley and Victoria has taken another twist.  While at the Toronto Sportsmen's Show today, I spoke to a total of five different people who had observed one or both of the peregrines perched on the east side of 18 King Street East over the past two days.  Their presence at this, the "traditional" nest site, contradicts our observation of yesterday which suggested they were preparing to nest at the Sheraton Hotel this spring.  It therefore seems that Victoria and Kingsley have yet to decide which of these two locations they will choose this time around.  It would be interesting to know what factor(s) will ultimately determine the outcome.

Saturday March 17, 2001
Marcel Gahbauer reports:
  Following up on yesterday's report of possible nesting on the Sheraton Hotel, David Pfeffer and I inspected the Sheraton nest ledge this morning.  It was immediately evident from looking at the nest tray that one or both of the peregrines have spent considerable time in it, creating a nest scrape by pushing the gravel toward the edges of the tray.  However, as of today, there are no eggs in the depression they have excavated in the middle of the tray.  Furthermore, we were unable to spot either Kingsley or Victoria during the time we were watching from the 43rd floor of the Sheraton, though the snowstorm at the time may have impaired both the visibility and the activity of the peregrines.  It remains too early to draw any conclusions, but the evidence suggests strongly that the Sheraton may be the site for the 2001 nesting season. 

Friday March 16, 2001
Jennifer Barr reports:  After several uneventful days I just saw both Kingsley and Victoria fly by.  More to the point one of them just landed at the old Sheraton nest site and entered the nest box.  We definitely have a peregrine lying down over there - I believe they have chosen their nest site!

Thursday March 15, 2001
David Dean reports:
   8:10AM:  For the first time, Victoria has gotten lucky at BCE Place. Hunting that is! I have always felt so bad for her when she hunts around BCE Place, she tries so hard and always leaves hungry. Not today! I just saw her soaring, and ascending over the Dominion Public Building (Yonge and Front), with a bird in her talons. She then landed on the south side of the southern BCE Place tower, where I lost sight of her. Until...

Just 2 minutes later, she emerged from the Bay Street side of BCE Place, between the two towers. She soared between the buildings for perhaps a minute and a half, during which she came so close to my window a number of times. I could see her very well as she was perhaps closer than 20 feet away, seemingly motionless, soaring in the drafts. She didn't have the bird with her anymore, and I wouldn't think she had time to eat it. She continued to soar, ascending until she looped over BCE Place to Wellington St, where I lost sight of her. That was the closest I've ever seen her, or Kingsley for that matter.

Wednesday March 14, 2001
David Dean reports:  
Over the last week and a bit there has been a noticeable decrease in Peregrine activity outside of my window. While I have seen Victoria a couple times, and I just saw Kingsley, it really seems to me that they are not as out and about as they have recently been, or they are out and about elsewhere.

Kingsley just flew from the Lakeshore/Yonge area, not high from the ground (50-75 ft) followed Yonge north, over the Hummingbird Center, and headed straight for the King Steet site. Ninety percent of the time I see either of the downtown pair, they are heading for, or coming from, the area of that site. 

Friday March 9, 2001
David Dean reports:  There seems to have been a significant reduction in peregrine activity in the Yonge/Bay and Front area this week. I saw Kingsley fly by, with no interruptions, twice on Tuesday and have not seen either him or Victoria since. No soaring over the regular spot at Yonge and Front.  Considering my proximity to the King nest site, and the time of year, perhaps they are preparing a nest elsewhere. 

Update:  Victoria made an appearance this afternoon over Union Station at 3:45. She began soaring at about the 35th floor level, but she circled to a much higher altitude, high above BCE Place.

Wednesday March 6, 2001
Jennifer Barr reports:  The Sheraton Hotel is hosting a peregrine falcon again today.  He/she is there now and has been there for at least 30 minutes so far.  I've seen Kingsley and Victoria today both at the old nest site on the Sheraton and on the 3 of 390 Bay on the West side (a frequent resting spot).

Monday March 5, 2001
David Dean reports:  
Monday 5:55 PM. After not seeing either of the downtown Peregrines for four days, I was wondering where they were hiding. I briefly visited both of the nest sites over the weekend (the King St site 6 times) without any sign of either Victoria or Kingsley. One of the two, I think it was Kingsley, just flew from the area of Bay and Front, in front of the southern BCE Place tower (at about the 37th floor level) and landed on top of the Bay Wellington tower of BCE Place. Nothing special about the sighting, but wanted to let you know he is ok.

Thursday March 1, 2001
David Dean reports:  Thursday 9:50 AM Kingsley and Victoria are currently courting and have made 2 very very high speed ascending passes between the upper floors of the two BCE Place Towers. On the last one, they made contact in the air right between the buildings and both turned 180 degrees with all feathers spread wide. Both appeared to have good feather condition and are obviously feeling well.


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