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March - April 2003

Tuesday April 29, 2003
Linda Woods reports: I was down to King St. this morning and found Spike on One Financial Place. I went up to the mechanical room of the King Edward Hotel and found Mandy in the nest. Lots of movement from her, constantly changing positions. Spike remained on One Financial Place for a good 40 minutes (unlike him) he usually takes off as soon as he is relieved of incubating duties. He eventually took off and Mandy stayed in nest.

Monday April 28, 2003
Linda Woods reports: 5:00p.m.: Viewing from Leader Lane, one adult on the bottom ledge of One Financial Place, facing inwards. I think it may be Mandy as she tends to stick close to home. Spike not in view. Zoe dropped by the site and we headed for the upper levels for a better "look see" To my surprise there was no one in the nest ledge. Mandy remained on One Financial Place. After returning to street level, there had been no change in activity. Mandy remains on One Financial Place and no sign of Windwhistler. I left the area at 5:50p.m. and checked out the south side of Sheraton Hotel but didn't see any activity.

Monday April 21, 2003
Jack Fitch reports: The strangest thing just occurred. A squirrel climbed up the outside of 18 King East and entered the nest site. The birds attacked the squirrel and it climbed to the top of the building where they continued to harass it. The squirrel started to climb down the building, perhaps headed back to the nest and was again attacked by the birds. The squirrel fell apparently to Victoria Street and not doubt its death. I hope that if there are eggs in the nest that they were not damaged. I was able to see part of the battle from my office window and had the rest reported to me by Quil who was watching from our condo.

Sunday April 20, 2003
Linda Woods reports: 12:45p.m. - Mandy is seen sitting on the ledge, beside the nesting area. She apparently had been there for a while before I arrived. Spike not in view from street level. Lots of people out for walks in the beautiful sunshine and stopping by the site for an update on the status of the nest. So far so good.

1:30p.m. - Viewing from the upper levels, Mandy remains in the same spot enjoying the sunshine, and I can see Spike in the nest area lying down. I can just see his little head over the lip of the ledge.

Saturday April 19, 2003
Linda Woods reports: 11:00: Lots of activity seen on the south side of the Sheraton Hotel. Female (unknown) and the male (Spike) taking turns chasing each other in and out of the slots. Male definitely came into the area from the south-east. He would enter the slots and the female would then take off and head north along University Ave. She returned a few minutes later, I couldn't see if she had prey with her. She entered the slots and then the male took off and headed towards the south east (18 King St. area). Not much activity seen in the #18 King St. area.

Friday April 18, 2003
Linda Woods reports: Arriving at Leader Lane, didn't see any activity from street level for approximately 30 minutes. Then Mandy came into view from the west and flew directly into the nest ledge. Spike appears on the ledge and then headed for # 33 Victoria St. (Toronto St. side) The activity does look positive, and from yesterday's observation, Mandy continues to stay in the ledge, incubating.

Saturday April 12, 2003
Linda Woods reports: I made my way down to the south side of the Sheraton this morning. Around 8:30 am, one adult (female) was in the Sheraton, male was not seen at this time. 9:15 am - Viewing from upper levels I could clearly see "Mandy" in the nest ledge at 18 King as she has been for past two weeks. 12:00 pm - Making my way along the west side of King St. Two adult peregrines flying around the south side of the Sheraton Hotel and entering and exiting that ledge. One occasion the male was chasing a gull out of the area. 1:00 pm - Back over to Leader Lane did not see any activity in that area.

Saturday April 5, 2003
Linda Woods reports: 12:30p.m.: Paul and I went out to check on the King St. site. Just as we were approaching Leader Lane, a peregrine came into view and set down on the cable ledge and faced inwards. Stayed there for a few moments and then hopped into the ledge. We waited and a changing of the guards occurred. With this cold weather I figured if there are eggs, one of them will be on them. Up to the roof for a better view and sure enough! incubation. Mandy can be seen lying flat and not moving. The nest is on the ledge with the cable hook-up and not behind the pillar. Let's cross our fingers that this year they are successful.

Monday March 31, 2003
Linda Woods reports: 08:15 - As I was approaching Leader Lane, I could hear vocalizing. I looked up to see Mandy leaving the nest ledge and heading east towards Church St. Moments later I could see Windwhistler sitting on the second step of the Scotia Tower. Mandy still hadn't returned to the nest ledge when I left the area 30 minutes later. She was probably feeding near-by and out of sight.

Sunday March 30, 2003
Linda Woods reports: 
08:45 - Viewing from the upper areas of an undisclosed location. I could see Mandy sitting back in the ledge. She was not visible from street level. They seem to like the area under the old camera cable rather than behind the "pillar".  She remained there for at least an hour. Windwhistler was not seen until I caught sight of two peregrines high in the sky approaching from the north. I could see it was a male and female. The male broke off and turn back to approach the unknown female to "push" her out of the area. It was not aggressive. The male repeated the same maneuver. Both birds flew out of my view. A few moments later, Windwhistler-Spike approach #18 King and set down on the louvered ledges, checking his back all the way. It stepped back into the ledge and retrieved a small portion of "left-overs" but then quickly discarded it. He then flew over to the ledge north of where "Mandy" is sitting.

Mandy got up from her spot and stepped back, one foot at a time. I have only seen this when they are incubating( so not to step on the eggs) she then hopped over the area and onto the nest ledge and flew off, circled back to the adjacent ledge. Spike then flew over to join her. Mating seen. Spike thanked Mandy and then sat over on the corner of #33 Toronto.

Friday March 28, 2003
Harry Crawford reports: 
At 1:12pm Spike and Mandy flew into the nest ledge, out of view. They appeared to come from the top of the King Edward Hotel. Spike immediately flew back to the hotel and Mandy appeared on the ledge shortly after, feeding on the remains of something. One peregrine was on the top of the CHFI loop antenna briefly at 1:24pm and headed quickly south in few minutes. Mandy took up the north west corner of 1 Toronto Street and continued to feed. Three turkey vultures were circling in a ring above King and Yonge at 1:29pm A peregrine, likely Spike, slowly circled the vulture ring and they eventually disappeared to the north west. We didn't see any aggression on his part. Mandy took off at 1:39pm and appeared to be hunting. She soared over the whole area from Yonge and Dundas down towards King and Sherbourne. Zoe and I were kept busy running to get a good vantage. She was last seen at 1:48pm, heading towards the Jarvis and King area.

Tuesday March 25, 2003
Jan Chudy reports: 
Running by 18 King this morning at 7:35 my friend Pat spied one of the birds on the top of the gray granite building just east of 18 King. As we looked, it took off flying low to the north west.

I arrived at Leader Lane at 12:10 in light drizzle. Nothing on view but 10 minutes later I blinked and there was one of the birds on the ledge to the north of the nest ledge. It must have been down on the ledge the whole time. Within two minutes it took off and landed on the south west top of the gray granite building. No sooner had it landed than the other bird came in low from the south east and perched on the ledge just vacated. They were both still in the same places when I left at 12:50.

Zoe Berger reports: And when I got there a bit after 1:00 I assume it was Spike sitting on the nest site ledge looking in (with his back out) - he actually seemed to be looking at the nest site. I stayed for 10-15 minutes and he didn't move. No sighting of any other falcon.

Jan Chudy reports: I arrived at Leader Lane just before 5:30. Mandy was on the top of the SW corner of the gray granite building. Two minutes later Spike flew in low from somewhere in the area and landed on the ledge one north of the nest ledge. He dropped down behind and then popped up on the nest ledge. He spent his time gazing at Mandy but she was looking off to the east. At 5:45 Spike turn to face in to the next ledge. Five minutes later Mandy flapped off slowly and low to the north. At 5:58 Spike had vanished. A bird appeared on the SW corner of the gray building again and shortly thereafter flew over to the ledge two north of the nest ledge. The second bird then appeared on the gray building and the bird on the ledge had vanished, then the bird on the gray building had vanished. Just as I was preparing to leave shortly after six, a bird flew in low and landed on one of the ledges of One Financial Place. Light was getting bad so I had no idea who it was.

I have now seen on several occasions the birds materializing from somewhere close by and at the level of the 36 King building roof. I am wondering if they have an other spot they sit on nearby that we haven't yet found.

Monday March 24, 2003
Andrew Wheeler reports: 
9:06 am - A falcon swooped in from the south and alights on greyish building north of 34-36 King St. E. Appeared to have something in its right talon and moves out of sight further back on the ledge. Moments later, Mandy is seen sitting on ledge (not sure whether she was the falcon who arrived with the prey moments earlier).

9:12 am - Spring is certainly in the air. Caught the two of them in an, ahem, intimate moment. Spike flew off to the south. Mandy remains perched and basking in the after-glow... of the sunrise.

Sunday March 23, 2003
Linda Woods reports: 
Windwhistler was seen on # 1 Toronto around 09:15 am. He took off towards Scotia Plaza. Mandy wasn't seen at this time. Around 11:00 Vocalizing could be heard and Windwhistler was just letting Mandy know he had a little gift for her. One large Henna coloured pigeon. He took it over to One Financial Place to clean it and then back over to the nest ledge and more vocalizing. Mandy appears from behind the pillar of the adjacent ledge. She looked around and not seeing Windwhistler at first, she flew out from the building and returned to the ledge where Windwhistler was waiting patiently for her to accept his offering. I guess she wasn't in the mood for Henna coloured prey. She didn't approach him and he took off with the prey in his Talons. She stayed behind for a few more minutes and then followed Windwhistler out of my sight. Later in the afternoon, vocalizing could be heard again, and Windwhistler was seen leaving the ledge and headed towards the Scotia Plaza. I didn't see both adults flying around together like I had two weeks ago.

Saturday March 22, 2003
Paul Marshman reports: 
About 9:30, Linda spotted Spike on 33 Victoria St. After a few minutes he flew up and sat on One Financial Place. At 11:30 we checked again and found both peregrines on the nest ledge. After a minute Spike flew off, landed on the CHFI building on Victoria St., and then flew off to the north. Mandy then  flew over and took up his earlier post on 33 Victoria. When I passed by again about 12:45, she was back on the nest ledge.

Thursday March 20, 2003
Andrew Wheeler reports: 
2:58 pm - Spotted both the Spike and Mandy sitting on SW corner of the tall grey building directly north of 34-36 King St. E. (I'll try to get a specific address for that building). They began mating a moment later and then Spike flew off to the south.

In the past week I've spotted Spike sitting and sometimes eating at this location several times. Mandy occasionally drops by to harass him.

Wednesday March 19, 2003
Jan Chudy reports: 
2:10 P.M. What I believe to be Spike has been on the second top-right hand ledge of Scotia Plaza for the last 25 minutes enjoying the sun. No sign of either birds at the Sheraton so far today.

3:10 P.M. I just went to check if the bird was on Scotia Plaza and it is indeed still there. However, I now figure it's Mandy since the second one is on the top left ledge of Scotia Plaza and is smaller than the first by a fair bit.

3:30. I was watching both birds from our 66 main boardroom. The bird on the right ledge just took off (having been there since about 1:45)and did a leisurely slow loop low around the CIBC antenna and then clockwise around Scotia Plaza and vanished.

Paul Marshman reports: I took a quick look at 1:15 but saw nothing in the neighbourhood, and the wind made it too cold to stand very long on the corner. However, walking on Church St. about 6:15 I saw one of the falcons sitting on the nest ledge.

Tuesday March 18, 2003
Jan Chudy reports: 
Returning to my office at 2 pm I noticed one bird on the Sheraton nest ledge. Seems like Mandy. She is still there at 2:15. I also checked the surrounding buildings and sure enough the second bird is on the very north-west corner of the black building to the south of the Sheraton. Both are facing the afternoon sun and looking quite content.

Mandy just flew off the Sheraton ledge and is now perched on the north-east corner of the building Spike is on. Correction - on checking to see that they were both still there, Spike has flown off and I don't know which direction he took off in.

Paul Marshman reports: Between 1 and 2 p.m. Zoe and Harry checked out the downtown nest. At first they saw nothing, but soon both peregrines popped up. Mandy took up her position on the nest ledge while Spike settled on a corner of the King Edward Hotel on the King St. side. After I joined them, Spike flew off, and was replaced on his corner by Mandy. She then took flight and flew around the neighbourhood for a few minutes, soaring over St. James' Cathedral before disappearing. We left shortly before 2.

Monday March 17, 2003
Paul Marshman reports: 
About 11 a.m., Peter Caryiannis, who works in the Scotia Tower, reported that he saw two falcons circling over St. James' Cathedral. I couldn't see them, but went down to the street, where I found Spike sitting on the nest ledge, in front of the louvres. He seemed to be eating something, although he might have just been grooming his foot industriously. Zoe and I saw him again on the ledges between 1 and 2, although he had moved to one of the central squares.

Sunday March 16, 2003
Paul Marshman reports: 
The peregrines were absent at mid-morning, despite the lovely warm weather. However, heading out about 11:30 I saw Mandy sitting on the nest ledge.

Saturday March 15, 2003
Paul Marshman reports: 
I didn't see any peregrines when I passed by about 8 a.m. or at 1 p.m., but around 4 I checked again and found a bird that appeared to be Mandy on the nest ledge.

Friday March 14, 2003
Jan Chudy reports: 
Driving by 18 King at 7:30 am Spike was on the nest ledge (facing mostly inwards).

Thursday March 13, 2003
Paul Marshman reports: 
About 1 p.m. Harry and I checked out the Victoria St. site but didn't see any peregrines. As the sun was shining quite warmly from the west we checked the opposite side of the nest building and found one of our birds peeking out of the "nest" ledge, obviously enjoying the sunshine and the shelter from the wind.

Wednesday March 12, 2003
Jan Chudy reports: 
Driving by 18 King at 8:35 am Mandy was on the nest ledge.

Paul Marshman reports: About noon I found one peregrine perched on one of the points of One Financial Place, with its back turned outward. The other one was tucked into a corner on the nest ledge. The two stayed in those positions until at least 1:30, although the peregrine on the ledge (probably Mandy) hunkered down out of sight.

Tuesday March 11, 2003
Jan Chudy reports: 
Running by Leader Lane at 7:35 am Mandy was on the south-west ledge of the gray granite building immediately to the east of 18 King. As I ran on, Spike flew in from the north-east and went to one of the 18 King ledges.

Monday March 10, 2003
Jan Chudy reports: 
Driving by 18 King at 8:45 a.m. Mandy was on the nest ledge facing East.

Saturday March 8, 2003
Linda Woods reports: 
It's been a while since I had anything to report on the downtown pair. This morning around 9:30, I checked out the south side of the Sheraton Hotel and didn't see either peregrine. I then checked on the east side of # 18 King and didn't spot any bird in the area.
Heading home around 12:15 one adult ( appears to be Mandy) was at the nest ledge. At the same time I saw a male and female flying around Scotia Plaza. The behavior didn't look territorial. All three peregrines remained in the same areas for quite a while. Interesting to see three and question as to who is the third bird?

Friday March 7, 2003
Jan and Loren Chudy report: 
Running by 18 King at 7:35 this morning, Mandy was on the nest ledge. Also, verified sighting: 4.17 p.m. Looking north out of 119 Spadina on the 10th floor: Corner of Adelaide and Spadina: Peregrine Falcon carrying dead pigeon, heading east southeast. Followed 20 seconds later by another Peregrine flying at high speed.

Wednesday March 5, 2003
Paul Marshman reports: 
Coming out of a restaurant on Wellington St. about 1 p.m. I almost bumped into Matt Dillon, who was head for the park behind the Flatiron Building with a camera crew in tow. A few minutes later I checked the nest area and found one of the falcons on One Financial. Since it was sitting with back turned outward, I assumed it was Spike.

Tuesday March 4, 2003
Jan Chudy reports: 
Running past 18 King at 7:35 both birds were on view. Spike was on the nest ledge facing inwards, and Mandy was sitting one ledge north looking east. No sign of either of them yesterday at the Sheraton.

Paul Marshman reports: Mandy spent the morning on the nest ledge. She was there when I went by about 10:30 a.m. and still there at 12:30 when I returned. The ledge was empty when I checked about 4 p.m.

Sunday March 2, 2003
Paul Marshman reports: 
The downtown falcons were in residence at the Victoria St. nest much of the day. About 9:30 a.m. Mandy was on the nest while Spike sat on one of the points of One Financial Place. An hour later when I passed by, Mandy had joined him on the opposite point. By 1:30 p.m. both were on the nest ledge, sitting in adjacent squares. I looked Saturday morning but couldn't find them on Victoria St. or the Sheraton nest site.


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