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October - December 2002

Sunday December 29, 2002
Paul Marshman reports: 
At 11:30 a.m. I found a peregrine sitting on one of the points of One Financial Place. Since it was facing inward I assumed it was Spike -- that's his habit. He was there on Friday afternoon as well.

Saturday December 28, 2002
Paul Marshman reports: 
About 1 p.m. I checked Victoria St. and found Mandy sitting in the square right by the nest. Spike was on top of the nest building and as I watched, he flew from one corner of the building to the opposite corner and sat there calling out -- a long screech with a bark at the end. Mandy remained unmoved.

Friday December 27, 2002
Bruce Massey reports: 
I saw one male bird at 18 King St. Ledge and the female in the area later.  The red tail was in his/her usual place on the sign near Allen Gardens.

Sunday December 22, 2002
Paul Marshman reports: 
I checked the nest and surrounding area about 9 a.m. as part of the Christmas bird count and saw no sign of the peregrines despite the sunny, fairly mild weather. Harry and I returned about 1 p.m. and still found nothing, but I passed by just before 3 and caught them both sitting on opposite steps of the One Financial building. It was a lucky sighting, because when I came back 10 minutes later they were gone.

Thursday December 19, 2002
Paul Marshman reports: 
Harry, Zoe and I checked the downtown nest about 1 p.m. and found both Spike and Mandy on the nest ledges. After a while, puffs of black smoke began to pour from the top of the building, and both peregrines flew over to the King Edward Hotel and perched side by side on the roof edge. Spike soon flew off but Mandy stayed there until we left at 2. I walked by an hour later and found Spike back on the corner of the hotel.

Tuesday December 17, 2002
Paul Marshman reports: 
About 1 p.m. I checked the courtyard behind One Financial Place and found both the peregrines on the west side of the nest building, huddled on the nest ledge. They've been scarce the past couple of days -- I suspect that's where they've been riding out the cold weather.

Sunday December 15, 2002
Bruce Massey reports: 
 Spent an hour and forty-five minutes in the area and saw both the male & female around the old National Trust Building.   I also saw both the male and female in the Allen Gardens area.

Tuesday December 10, 2002
Jan Chudy reports: 
This morning at 7:40 as I ran by 18 King, Mandy was sitting on the nest ledge facing the morning sun.  It was clearly her - large with a peachy front.  100 yards further along, Spike was doing the same thing on one of the eastern ledges of One Financial Place.

Tuesday December 10, 2002
Bruce Massey reports: 
Yesterday, I checked out Allen Gardens as I had heard that there was a pair of raptors in the area.  I didnít find anything but today was able to confirm that there are two Red Tail Hawks in the area.

Monday December 9, 2002
Paul Marshman reports: 
I was out this morning about 11 and found Spike on his usual perch on the northeast corner of the nest building, shining very white in the morning sun. He seems to have spent much of the day there, since Harry and I found him there around 1. No sign of Mandy.

Looking out the window about noon, I found something sitting on the little stone cross on the back of St. James' Cathedral. That's the neighbourhood kestrel's usual perch, but this was way too big to be a kestrel. A close look pretty well confirmed it was a red-tailed
hawk, with big light patches above its eyes, a white breast and a very dark
belly band. It flew off around 12:15, but a few minutes later TWO red-tails flew by my window, and soared around over the church park and Jarvis Street for a couple of minutes before disappearing. A third figure then appeared: Spike, who did a fast loop over
the cathedral to make sure they'd gone and weren't going to darken his door again.

About 3, I sat down with the bird book to check my ID of the first bird when
I happened to look out at the tree across from my window, in front of the
church. I saw something move -- it was ANOTHER hawk, huddled in the branches.
It obviously saw me because it immediately took off and flew low toward Court St. I only saw it for a few seconds, and it could have been one of the red-tails (I've seen
them land in that tree before) but the colour of the breast and the broad banding
of the tail made me think it might have been a broad-winged hawk. However, Marcel says it was more likely a Cooper's hawk since broad-wings migrate early in the season.

Friday November 29, 2002
Paul Marshman reports: 
About 12:30 I checked Victoria St. and saw a falcon, probably Mandy, sitting on the nest ledge. Returning a few minutes later, I saw her fly over and land on the railing on top of the CHFI building. I then noticed a second figure, and realized she had come over to join Spike, who was perched there.  I left them sitting there side by side.

Wednesday November 27, 2002
Zoe Berger reports: 
Monday between 1:00-2:00, Spike (I assume - we used to see Kingsley up there - never Victoria) was on top of the nest building on the NE corner and Mandy was on First Financial SE corner.  Tuesday (same time) Spike was again on top of the nest building but on the SE corner - Mandy was not in sight.  Today being as cold as it is one would think they'd seek the warm sun however I found them in the shadows - one on the west side of the nest building and the other opposite on the fire escape of 8 King St. East.

Wednesday November 27, 2002
David Dean reports: 
Walking out for lunch at 12:00 I noticed that high above Wellington Street, Wind Whistler was streaking eastbound in a nice stoop. He gradually brought his wings in tighter into his body until he was in a full out dive. His wings were so close, they were not even perceptible. He looked like a missile and was going incredibly fast. He gradually steepened his dive until he was headed right for the ground. He pulled up around Yonge Street, did a loop near the construction crane that is there now, and then disappeared behind Scotia.

Monday November 18, 2002
Paul Marshman reports: 
About 1 this afternoon Zoe and I found one peregrine sitting on the top northeast corner of the nest building, the same place I saw one Saturday. We soon found the other one on the lower point of One Financial Place, again the same spot we've been seeing them recently. Both these birds like sitting with their backs facing out so it was hard to tell who was who, but the bird on One Financial looked bigger so we suspect it was Mandy.  Strange that they should start favouring such exposed spots on cold, overcast days -- you'd think they'd be huddled in the nest or behind a pillar somewhere

Friday November 15, 2002
Paul Marshman reports: 
I took a look around at 1:15 p.m. and found a peregrine on one of the bottom points of One Financial Place, the same place we saw Spike land the day before. Five minutes later he was gone, but a peregrine had appeared on the top northeast corner of the nest building. It's back was turned so I wasn't able to make a firm identification. I haven't seen the red-tail again since my sighting the other day, but I may have just missed him. However, it's also possible the bird I saw was a migrant, since the second wave of red-tails is due about now.

Monday November 11, 2002
Paul Marshman reports: 
About 11 a.m. I looked out my window and saw a big red-tailed hawk circling over St. James' Cathedral. It moved south and was circling over Front St. for quite a while. There used to be a red-tail that did this route almost every day -- maybe this one's going to start doing it again. It looked to be an adult, with a very white breast and dark belly band.

At 1 p.m. Zoe and I found a peregrine we ID'd as Mandy sitting on the lower roof of the nest building, just north of the nest ledge. I've seen these birds there before, but not often. We went into the courtyard behind the nest building and immediately a peregrine we assumed was Spike flew in from the south and landed on the One Financial building. Again, not a common perch for these guys. Interesting day. Just to finish it off, the resident kestrel appeared on St. James' at the end of the day, as usual -- at least he was on his regular perch. 

Wednesday November 6, 2002
Jan Chudy reports: 
Spike was on the west side of 18 King East at 1:30pm.  He made that unusual barking noise and flew off to the north shortly after. Previous observations would suggest that he was calling Mandy. Around 1:40pm a typical peregrine 'attack call' was heard and sure enough, one of our birds was attacking a large hawk, diving on it from above.  The hawk, likely a red-tailed, changed his mind and flew off to the east.  The peregrine disappeared to the west.  Zoe and I searched the area but couldn't find any signs of the local birds.  It was interesting to see that they are rigourously defending their territory!

Tuesday October 29, 2002
Jan Chudy reports: 
Running along King Street at 7:45, one bird was on the very top of the spire of the cathedral.  Looking up two minutes later it had vanished.  No activity at 18 King.

Monday October 28, 2002
Jan Chudy reports: 
Driving along King Street at8:30, Mandy was on the ledge south of the nest ledge.

Friday October 25, 2002
Harry Crawford reports: 
After making themselves scarce during the lunch hour, both Spike and Mandy were seen on the west side of 18 King East at 1:55pm. Yesterday, Spike was on First Financial and Mandy was on the chimney scaffolding of 8 King East.

Tuesday October 22, 2002
Jan Chudy reports: 
As I ran passed the nest site at 7:40 a.m. one of the birds was on the nest ledge.  Unfortunately, the weather was overcast so I couldn't identify which bird it was.

Friday October 18, 2002
David Dean reports: 
12:00. I was very happy to find Mandy on the most eastern, north facing square of the nest building. At 2:00 when I walked by again, I found both Spike and Mandy on the eastern ledges.

Wednesday October 16, 2002
Paul Marshman reports: 
I looked up this morning about 10:45 and saw a falcon on the weather vane on top of the St. James' spire. By the time I got my binoculars it was gone, but I suddenly noticed another one sitting on one of the knobs below the weather vane. A moment later the first falcon -- Spike, judging by the size -- flew back to the weather vane, and the two sat there for another 10 minutes before they both flew off in the direction of the nest.

Wednesday October 9, 2002
Jan Chudy reports: 
Driving along King Street at 9:00 a.m. one bird was sitting on the nest ledge.  Based on the size, I am am guessing that it was Mandy.

Tuesday October 8, 2002
Jan Chudy reports: 
When running along King Street at 7:40 a.m. one bird was sitting on a ledge of One Financial Place.  Later in the day one of my colleagues advised that she saw one bird flying around First Canadian Place a couple of times.

Sunday October 6, 2002
Paul Marshman reports: 
About 1:15 Saturday, I found both Spike and Mandy on the nest ledges. After a minute or two, Spike took off and soared over the area, mostly to the south and west, for the next 15 minutes until I lost sight of him and left. Mandy was still there a couple of hours later when I passed by again. I haven't seen either bird today.

Saturday October 5, 2002
Jan Chudy reports:
I arrived at Leader Lane at 11:30.  Both birds were on the ledges at 18 King East.  Mandy was on the third ledge from the north and Spike was on the second from the south.  I stayed until noon and both birds remained like stone idols except for a two minute preening by both.

Thursday October 3, 2002
Harry Crawford reports: 
In the early afternoon, around 1:45pm, Mandy was on the west side of 18 King East.  Yesterday both Spike and Mandy were on the east side of the same building when I was there between 1 and 1:30pm.  Spike hopped down onto the floor of the ledge and was out of view on a couple of occasions.

Wednesday October 2, 2002
Jan Chudy reports: 
4:40 p.m.  Finally I have seen both birds together.  They are currently both sitting on the top of the CIBC antenna.  One is on the cross bar and one is sitting on top of the red light at the very top.


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