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January - February 2004

Friday February 27, 2004
Alesha Jane Breckenridge reports:
It was a very exciting day for all of us here at the MOE on the 14th Floor! I think that I saw a band, but I am not positive. We are all going to keep our eyes open for this beautiful creature (and hopefully a pair!). The pictures are for your use. We have no problem allowing you to put the photos on the website, we would actually be quite proud to say that they were ours! The photographer was Sue Yuen and and the Research and Best Practice Branch, Ministry of the Environment. The sighting was around mid-day for about 15-25 minutes. The peregrine perched on the ledge on the 14th floor and surveyed the area and then flew off. The address is 40 St. Clair, on the north side, west of Yonge and St. Clair intersection. We hope that we will be able to spot them again and give you a shout! Cheers, from all of us at on the 14th Floor!

Thursday February 26, 2004
Alesha Jane Breckenridge reports:
12 pm sighting on 14 floor of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment Building (O&Y Building): A single falcon, mature resting for over 15-20min. on a window ledge. Looking healthy and beautiful!

Other recent sightings from the same building confirm a potential pair.

Mark Nash replies: Hi Alesha. This is very exciting news indeed. For several years, we have been trying to identify the peregrine(s) being observed around this area. To date, we have not been able to get the band numbers from these sightings. We have never been able to confirm that they have successfully nested, as we have never seen or had reported any juveniles in the area.

Please keep your eyes open for us, as we are very interested to know what's going on. Band numbers (if any) would be a GREAT HELP, if you catch a glimpse.

Thursday February 26, 2004
Sharon Jocelyn reports:
It is 11:23 am and I have a perfect view of the large Peregrine, legs and all - we tried to see with binoculars if there were bands but they weren't strong enough. This morning at nine, she was sitting across from me on the railing of the Old Manulife building.

Monday February 23, 2004
Sharon Jocelyn reports:
Both peregrines sitting on the office building on Bloor at the base of Jarvis - sitting side by side - First time I've seen them since Feb. 17.

Harry Crawford reports: The red-tailed hawk was back in the area. At 7:30am he was on the south roof of 77 Bloor West. He circled the building a couple of times, paused to circle above Bloor and Balmuto about ten times, then headed south above Yonge. He occupied the south roof ledge of the CIBC building from 4:36pm until taking off and heading south west at 4:54pm. Both appearances were unchallenged.

Sunday February 22, 2004
Harry Crawford reports:
Two red-tailed hawks were seen circling just north of Davenport and Avenue Road at 9:38am. At 11:52am two kestrels were on 77 Bloor West, the south west corner of Bay and Bloor. One was on the top of a roof pipe while the other continually circled the building. They both flew off to the north west shortly after.

Saturday February 21, 2004
Harry Crawford reports:
One of the peregrines was seen circling the CIBC building at 9:15am. It then moved south towards the roof area of 44 Charles West. An unidentified raptor, likely the red-tailed hawk, was soaring in the wind north west of Bay and Bloor at 1:45pm.

Friday February 20, 2004
Harry Crawford reports:
At dusk, 6:04pm, both peregrines were on the CIBC building: the female on the top of the west facing logo, and the male on the ledge beneath. At 7:05pm the silhouette of the male could still be seen, but the female could not because of the light coming from the logo. They were gone before Saturday morning.

Tuesday February 17, 2004
Sharon Jocelyn reports:
Noon - two peregrines, one on the antennae and one beneath it on the corner of the office building at Bloor and Jarvis. One peregrine is quite a bit larger than the other and are often sitting on this office building, don't know the address.

Thursday February 12, 2004
Sharon Jocelyn reports:
Well, we've been watching the pair all morning - one very big one sitting on the corner of the apartment building beside that old Church and across from Rogers - on Bloor and one sitting on the office building beside the old Manulife building on Bloor - we're at 160 Bloor St. East facing East - we cannot see the bands with our binoculars but one is definitely a lot larger than the other and BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! In the last few days we see them all the time.

Saturday February 07, 2004
Harry Crawford reports:
The adult female took up the top of the `y` of the south facing Bay logo from 8:48 until 9:10am. Also, the red-tailed hawk continues to be seen in the area almost daily. I`ve also seen it hovering above Queen's Park a few times.

Sunday February 01, 2004
Harry Crawford reports:
The adult female was spotted on the very top of the west CIBC antenna at 2:23pm. She was gone by 3:26pm.

Sunday February 1, 2004
Linda Woods reports:
11:15 a.m. - One red-tail hawk was seen sitting on the south-east corner of Mt. Sinai Hospital and a second red-tail on the south-east corner of a building to the south west of the hospital. Two consecutive days now I have seen red-tails sitting on building corners where one usually sees peregrines. The peregrines have, on the most part, been absent in this area near the hospital.

Saturday January 24, 2004
Harry Crawford reports:
The adult female was on the top of the `y` of the south facing Bay logo at 11:15am. She was still there at 11:47am when I last looked. The red-tailed hawk continues to be seen in the area, almost daily.

Friday January 16, 2004
Harry Crawford reports:
On what has to be the coldest day this season, the adult pair were spotted on the south side of the CIBC building at 4:46pm, away from the wind. I didn`t see their arrival but they disappeared from view shortly after my sighting.

Sunday January 11, 2004
Harry Crawford reports:
The adult female was seen circling above the Yonge and Bloor area at 1:05pm. Shortly after, she passed low over the Bay building looking like she was inspecting the roof workers there and then flew directly to the east, above Bloor.

Monday January 5, 2004
Harry Crawford reports:
The adult female was back on the top of the west CIBC antenna today at 4:25pm. She took off to the south, high above Yonge St. 10 minutes later.

Sunday January 04 2004
Harry Crawford reports:
The adult male was spotted on the top of the east CIBC antenna at 3:04pm. A few minutes later, the adult female was seen chasing a flock of pigeons around the same building, broke off, and landed on the top of the west CIBC antenna. They remained there until disappearing from view just before 3:25pm. Peregrine sightings have been scarce in the Yonge and Bloor area for a few weeks now. We have had a lot of kestrel activity and a red-tailed hawk has visited the area several times.


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