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May - June 2004

Monday June 14, 2004
Harry Crawford reports:
At 1:40pm, an unidentified peregrine was circling above Yonge and College. 10 minutes later, when I reached the Yonge and Bloor area, a peregrine took off from the roof area of the CIBC building and headed rapidly south, above Yonge Street. It was likely the same bird!

Sunday June 6, 2004
Harry Crawford reports:
At 4:35pm, a female peregrine was seen circling the CIBC building. She eventually went after a pigeon, missed it, and moved to the top of the west CIBC antenna. At the same time, about a block to the west, a red-tailed hawk was lazily circling (there was also considerable hawk activity in the area earlier in the day). As soon as the peregrine saw the hawk, the battle was on. The hawk was hit so hard that I could see feathers falling off it. They disappeared behind some buildings and only the peregrine came out from the other side. It circled the CIBC building a few times before drifting southward, down Yonge Street. At 6:35pm a red-tailed hawk was seen circling in exactly the same location as before. The female peregrine was seen on the north west corner of the CIBC building from 8:35pm until 8:52pm.

Tuesday June 1, 2004
Harry Crawford reports:
At 5:15am, the same peregrine as yesterday was on or still on the west side of the CIBC building. She was gone by 6:35am.

Monday May 31, 2004
Harry Crawford reports:
When I returned to the Yonge and Bloor area at 1:25pm, I noticed an adult female peregrine on the west side of the CIBC building, sitting in the rain. She was still there when the fog rolled in around 5pm. Interestingly, a pair of red-tailed hawks occupied the same location earlier in the morning.

Tuesday May 25, 2004
Harry Crawford reports:
This morning at 5:50am, I spotted an adult male peregrine on the top of the `y` of the south facing Bay logo at Yonge and Bloor. He was gone by 6:19am. The same bird was in the same location for about an hour last evening at 6:35pm. These are my first sightings of peregrine activity in the area since April 28. Incidentally, the pair of red-tailed hawks are still seen daily around here.

Saturday May 1, 2004
Margaret reports:
10.20 am - 2 birds sitting on the roof of the high rise on Dundonald Ave, north of Wellesley, just east of Yonge.

The first bird was a falcon with a light coloured breast but the other seemed very dark all over. If the falcon had not been there, I would have thought the dark one was a crow. The dark bird was sitting about 2 feet from the other, bobbing it's head up and down, then it flew to sit right behind the other bird, bobbed it's head a few times getting closer all the time. (I thought I was going to see mating taking place), but after a minute or two, the falcon flew off the the north towards Bloor St. east with the darker one following.


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