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January - February 2004

Thursday February 26, 2004
Jan Chudy reports:
10:35 a.m. As I looked out my north facing window on the 61st floor of First Canadian Place, a peregrine flew by going east. I guessed it to be Spike since it wobbled a bit every so often. I picked up my binoculars to see if any other bird was around and found one on the north west corner of 140 Adelaide AND one on the Sheraton ledge. So, I have now seen three birds at one time.

Friday February 27, 2004
Jan Chudy reports:
One bird was standing on the nest box at the Sheraton at 10:45. On checking at 10:55 it had gone but appeared to have moved to the north west corner of 140 Adelaide where it remained until 12:05. At 12:15, no bird was in sight. At 1:55 I spied a bird on the Sheraton ledge. On checking at 4:55, one bird is on the Sheraton ledge and an other is on the north west corner of 140 Adelaide.

Monday February 16, 2004
Jan Chudy reports:
Well, my report is not as exciting as Scott Scobie's. Having noted no activity at the Sheraton all day, on looking out my north facing window in First Canadian Place at 4:05 p.m. I spotted a falcon on the north west corner of 140 Adelaide. Based on it's size, I took it to be Spike. He stayed there until I left the office at 5:05, rotating himself every so often so that he was facing the fading sun. Then, standing on King outside Royal Trust Tower I watched him describe lazy circles over Adelaide for about 5 minutes then he flew off east along Adelaide.

Wednesday January 28, 2004
Jan Chudy reports:
2:45 p.m.: Very exciting viewing these past few moments. I was looking out my window (facing the Sheraton) as I spoke on the telephone to a colleague in Montreal when I realized I was seeing two falcons playing tag and the upside down tag thing over the Sheraton. They moved over University Avenue and I lost sight of them. Yipee!!!


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