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Downtown Toronto - Sheraton Centre Nest Site Summaries


Parents Wind (F) and Windwhistler (M) - (a.k.a. Spike)
Date of 1st Egg N/A
Number of Eggs N/A
Date of 1st Hatch/Last Hatch May 21st / N/A
Number of Eggs Hatched 4
Date of Banding June 17th
Sex of Chicks/Weight 3 M 640g, 660g and 660g. 1 F 980g.
Start of Falcon Watch June 23rd
Date of 1st Fledge June 27th
Number of Rescues 1
Rescue Dates June 28th - Sheraton-Chinook
Dates Young Lost N/A
Number of Successful Young 4
Date of Last Fledge N/A
End of Falcon Watch July 2nd
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