Sub-adult female at Yonge and Bloor

May 03, 2009 - Toronto - Four Seasons

Harry Crawford Reports:

I went searching for peregrine activity in the Yorkville area this
morning and found a male on the north-west corner of the roof of
the CIBC building at 10:14am.  He was standing on the track that
supports the swing stage equipment.  He was gone by 10:57am at which
time workers were on the roof of the nearby Marriott.  At the same
time, I spotted the female.  She was on the maroon strip of the west
CIBC logo.  With binoculars, the body and head looked normal but
the breast colouring was off.  I then dusted off my scope and took
it to street level.  She is a sub-adult, likely one of last year’s
chicks.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t see if she was banded.  She slept
most of the time and finally disappeared from view at 12:35pm.
Clearly, these birds are not Ranger and Hunter from last year.  They
also take up different locations from the previous birds.  I still
need to find out where they normally hang out.