Do you have photos or videos of fledges or parents? Share them with us!

June 11, 2009 - Burlington - Lift Bridge

Matt MacGillivray Reports:

If you have photos of any of the CPF monitored nest sites, birds or fledglings in this exciting time, we would love to see them!  If you have older photos or videos from CPF events, like the 2009 Sportsman show, we would love to see those too.

We’ve got a flickr group that you can upload photos and short videos to.   If you have longer videos, upload them to youtube and tag them with cpf and peregrine and I will find them.

Example shot from the Sheraton Banding in the Flickr Pool -

peregrine hatchling

We might include some of the videos or photos in our updates, or around the site.  You could be famous!