Site Check at OPG Nanticoke Station; One Adult Seen

April 13, 2012 - Nanticoke OPG

Tracy Simpson Reports:

I went down to the Nanticoke Generating Station on Friday to check in on the resident female Marla and the unidentified male that she has spent the winter with.  Upon check in I met up with Jill, my chaperone, and we headed out to the old nest cavity to determine whether there was any activity this year.  We looked carefully with the scope in all of the cavities that lined the area but were unable to see any falcons or fresh activity here.  Jill and I then headed over to an adjacent building to chat with some of the staff to see if they could provide any insight.  According to the workers onsite, there was quite a bit of activity up until a few weeks ago when everything with the peregrines seemed to go quiet.  This could definately mean that a new nesting site on the property had been chosen and incubation was underway.  As we were setting out to investigate further, a female flew in from lakeside and landed low on one of the stacks.  I was able to snap a few, albeit blurry, pictures of the female before she flew off around the plant and disappeared from our sights.  I will be visiting the site again soon to determine where the nest is located and update you on the peregrine activities.  A very big thank you to the OPG staff, and especially Jill, who took the time with me to support their local peregrines.  Check back in soon for further updates on the progress of this year’s nest.