Another Fabulous Day in London; Incubation Continues!

May 10, 2012 - London - TD Tower

Tracy Simpson Reports:

Frank and I were back in London on “The Perch” on the west side of Wellington Street for another day of observation of Dougal and Thunder, the resident pair.  Frank stayed in the street while I made the rounds and visited with some of the fabulous people I have met in London.

First stop was to the London City Centre Property Management Group office to drop off some endangered species postcards and update everyone on the recent identifications made of the adult pair.  I must say that the London City Centre folks are absolutely amazing hosts and “parents” to the falcon family and I enjoyed sharing some of the stories we have witnessed as of late.  Thank you so much to all the folks that look after the Dundas and Wellington towers and I am so excited to see how much they embrace their birds.

Next, off to One London Place to share the news with Domenic Ripepi and Linda Machuk of Sifton Property Management Group who manage the building that faces directly towards the nest ledge.  I was able to meet up with Domenic and I can say the the local excitement regarding the pair is mirrored here at One London Place.  From a higher elevation I was able to see that the female was again lying down in the tray and was napping for the most part.  Dougal flew in to relieve her but she refused to budge and instead came and visited the suite above where I was watching at One London Place.  After updating Linda, I stepped outside to find Dougal on the top of one of the triangular ledges preening.

Back at The Perch, Frank had already witnessed a Bald eagle moving through and just shortly after I arrived, a pair of Osprey took a chance and bombed through between the towers.  They met with no resistance as Thunder was tight to the tray.  Dougal flew back into the ledge and tried to encourage her off but she refused to budge.  The only time that both birds took to the air was when another female peregrine entered the territory and Dougal immediately escourted her out.  There was a short battle between the two out over Wellington to the south before the male returned and Thunder came out for three short recon loops of her building.

When we left, Dougal was on his favourite perch at One London Place and Thunder was back in the tray in incubation mode.  Thanks to our supporters at TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, we will be back in London on May 17th delivering Project School Visit and Frank will be back on The Perch on Wellington Street for more observations of the pair.  Stop by and visit!!

More photos to come!!