Londoner’s Are Getting Excited!!

May 17, 2012 - London - TD Tower

Tracy Simpson Reports:

On Thursday May 17th, Tracy and I were in London again to deliver CPF’s Project School Visit. After the first school of the day, Tracy dropped me downtown to watch the nest and inform interested Londoner’s of the progress of their pair. I wouldn’t be exaggerating to say I spoke to 100 or more folks over the course of the day letting them know the information we have gathered over the past couple of visits to the London City Centre nest site. Several people approached enthusiastically asking what new news I had, while many more inquired about what I was doing. I offered some looks through the scope at either Thunder or Dougal when they were perched in view. It’s very encouraging to meet so many interested people, one lady even mentioning that she will have visiting bird enthusiast friends visiting from California that she will bring to see the Peregrines!

A special visitor dropped by for a nice long chat, Ron Gould, Ministry of Natural Resources Species At Risk Biologist from the Aylmer district. We chatted about the pair, some of Ron’s current and previous observations of Thunder and Dougal as well as trading stories of Peregrine falcon adventures from our pasts. We chatted about the importance of everyone working as a team to observe and help out this pair of amazing birds.

Dougal and Thunder were in and around the nest building all day and they both were at the ledge for prolonged periods. The warm weather allowed them a few extended absences from the nest tray. Ron mentioned that just as Tracy and I were arriving, that the pair had chased off a Turkey Vulture forcing it from the sky and into a tree. At least one egg is believed to be in the nest tray and we hope it will hatch very soon. As we are able, we will be back in the coming weeks to continue observations of the pair and create more local buzz. Fingers crossed for a successful season!

Check back as more photos and observations are to come!!