!!! All three fledglings are flying strong and holding their altitude!

June 19, 2012 - Toronto - Don Mills

Mark Nash Reports:

June 19th - 2012
Murray reports at 7:30 am this morning that all three siblings are together on the roof of 225 and sharing some stories of their ordeals and experiences! Amora certainly has a story to tell her brother and sister from last night given her ordeal with “Human”!

Cathy reports around 8:30 am that Quest flew in to the rooftop of 225 with food and the three fledglings and mom has breakfast together. (Well sort of, as the three fledglings had breakfast)! A very loud screaming noisy event indeed!!

These final photos of Amora’s examination just prior to her release were taken by Cathy Kerr.
Thanks for sharing these with us, and for everyone that assisted in both her rescue and release last night.
Stay tuned………