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Canadian Peregrine Foundation » Another Sad Day At the Lift Bridge

Another Sad Day At the Lift Bridge

June 28, 2012 - Burlington - Lift Bridge

Sue McCreadie Reports:

Just shortly after we returned from the Lift Bridge this morning, we received an e-mail from our friend Nils Foss about a downed falcon on the Toronto Bound Skyway. At just about the same time as I was reading the e-mail, Marion Nash from CPF called after having received the same report.  Bill and I headed out immediately to do a drive by.  Of course we found it in the left shoulder where there is no room to stop.  We drove the Skyway again to see if we could get a band number.  No luck.  We headed to the Lift Bridge and with the help of Clare, we were able to get in touch with the Ministry of Transportation who were kind enough to dispatch a vehicle to pick up our bird.  When we met up with them on Eastport Drive, we were so sad to see that it was little Port Hope. 

We want to thank Clare from the Lift Bridge, the Ministry of Transportation and the fellows from TWD Road Maintenance who retrieved little Port Hope.

Fly free precious little one.

Fly Free Little One