!!! Finally, Kitchener may finally have a nesting pair of peregrines!

June 07, 2012 - Kitchener - CTV-Bell Media Tower

CPF Postmaster Reports:

June 7th - 2012
Sorry for the delay in getting all of the new nest pages up, as our web master has been in the out of the country in the USA for the past several weeks and he has been back logged.

After many years of on-again, off-again sightings of territorial peregrine activity in Kitchener, (including that of Dundas the peregrine with only one leg who spent some time in Kitchner with an unidentified female partner at the Royal Bank building, we have received information that there may be yet another nesting pair in Kitchener, this time on the Sun Life Centre.

Speaking with Anne Yagi this afternoon after the Niagara falls banding, we were alerted that there may in fact be of a nesting pair or peregrines at the King Street location of the Sun Life building..

Stay tuned for more information………..