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Canadian Peregrine Foundation » Fledgling Rescue at Holcim

Fledgling Rescue at Holcim

June 15, 2012 - Mississauga - Holcim

Tracy Simpson Reports:

Mark Nash received a phone call this evening that a juvenile peregrine falcon was down on the ground in the Holcim plant area.  A worker at the site, also named Mark, was coached on how to do a rescue and what to do next and he did an awesome job at it!!  Bird in box, he called back to share the success of his rescue with us and I was called by Mark Nash to attend the site and check the bird out.  When I arrived and took at look in the rescue carrier, I was greeted with a whole lotta hissing and puffing up.  This chick looked furious.  I took the bird out and transferred it to a larger rescue box and throughout the whole move, the bird lashed out with talons, bit out at me like a little rattlesnake and yelled its displeasure.  The young one had lots of energy and major attitude, nice pink mouth, holding both wings up, eyes bright, excellent balance and standing at attention.  This chick looked absolutely fine except for a few ruffed feathers on the left wing.  Regardless of that, the bird was alert and at the ready.  I left the bird in the capable hands of security and returned to check back on the little one before heading home.  The OMNR were called to visit the site and band the young one as we were not able to get these chicks banded this year due to time conflicts.  The chicks need to be banded ideally between 18 and 24 days and the rock climber needed for this site was not available during that crucial window of time.  The plan is to band the young should they come to the ground and it looks like we have our first.  Check back for an update on the little one’s info!!