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Canadian Peregrine Foundation » Hearn Nest Site update, and some amazing photos! No free food here!

!!! Hearn Nest Site update, and some amazing photos! No free food here!

June 29, 2012 - Toronto - Hearn Power Station

CPF Postmaster Reports:

June 29th - 2012
A quickly update on Peter’s progress with his three new family members. Peter as you are aware was produced at the Hamilton nest site is still coping well with three fledglings now out on the loose. His female mate is still in rehab but is doing well and we expect that she will be able to be released back to her family some time in the very near future. She is currently in a large flight aviary still dealing with some minor swelling on her wing wrist and still dealing with discomfort.

The three fledglings are still being observed on a daily basis by Desmond, one of the CPF volunteers who has been doing spot checks on them throughout the week.

Now that things have settled down a little for us, we are going to try and get some of the many photos that have been taken over the past months of the Hearn nest site - (in addition to the back log of updates and photos from many of the other nest sites). There are hundreds of photos that have been submitted for the Hearn nest site alone, (and thousands of other photos that have been submitted from all of the other nest sites over the past months). As such, we will be posting a few at a time as we get them all categorized, resized and finally posted.

As for this back-logged update, we are posting some of the great photos sent into us by Ann Brokelman who has been monitoring the Hearn nest site for the CPF for many months.

These shots clearly demonstrate just how protective of their nest site and territory they are. And in particular, how defensive and protective they are about their secret caches of food. On this day, a Turkey Vulture thought that the resident territorial peregrines were hosting a free buffet at the Hearn nest site given all of the secret food stashed around by Peter. Well, I think that the photos say it all. NO FREE FOOD HERE! Needless to say, Mr/Mrs Turkey Vulture required a change of its “under-down” after this rather hostile encounter with Peter and his mate! The TV and has not been invited back!

Enjoy these great shots!!! Thank you Ann!