May 26th

May 26, 2012 - Stoney Creek

Sue McCreadie Reports:

We just came back from Fruitland and I don’t think we are done there yet.  Bill and I ran into Barry this morning at the Lift Bridge and he told us he had been to Fruitland yesterday and one of the birds was in the drum. 

Ummmm we thought, better take a drive down.  When we arrived Athena was sitting in the Communications Tower and we couldn’t find Craig.  A short time later Athena left the tower and went to the drum and we witnessed a shift change.  Athena went in and Craig came out.  They both took flight and both landed in the drum and there was a big racket (perhaps copulation???).  Dad stayed in the drum and Mom landed in the Communications Tower, then they switched again.  We went down the road and watched for a bit and saw what looked like Mom trying to lay an egg (I’m only guessing).  Wings out and squatting down.  They changed again and we watched as Dad was pulling at the lining of the drum, perhaps trying to  make a scrape.  (Again I’m only guessing.)   When we left, both birds were in the Communications Tower.
I definitely think something is up again for this site.
By the way, there is a large portable communication tower fenced off in the parking lot.  That is new since we were there earlier in the week.
We won’t be able to get back to the site until maybe Tuesday.