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!!! Update on the Yellow pages fledglings and Eagan’s rescue!

June 25, 2012 - Scarborough - Yellow Pages

CPF Postmaster Reports:

While this observation report is out of sequence and we apologize for the late posting, we have been severely backlogged with a huge volume of observation reports combined with the very long hours we have all had to be in the streets on the various fledge watches. Many photos are being taken and sent in that all have to be saved, downsized, cropped, colour corrected and re-saved, then posted with the authors observation report to the correct nest site.

Please bear with us, as we have taken in some 178 different observation reports and HUNDREDS of photos, and their still streaming in by the dozens each day. In addition to the above, there are those that refuse to send in their written reports prefer to call in with a verbal report or leave them on voice message. These have to be interpreted, typed, copied and posted. For some, there are very long days, and for others, there are many long days AND very long late nights combined in an effort to get these reports processed.

That being said, while both little Paul and Albus have finally been flying well and holding their altitude, - (in fact both are now able to gain huge gains in altitude landing on the upper most peak of the Yellow Pages building and long flights over to the roof area of the Investers Group building and back) little Eagan has not done so well, still running around on the granite ledges for several days below the nest ledge, finally ending up on the lowest ledge only feet above the sidewalk.

Today after much coaxing from the adults, all of the fledglings wee very active including little Eagan, who attempted his first real flight. Sadly, he was not able to hold his altitude and came to the ground on the grass area on the west side of the nest building.

His second flight has him crossing two busy roadways, Progress Ave and eventually Milner Ave (full of rush hour traffic), no one thought he would have been able to dodge the moving traffic without getting hit! With a huge amount of good luck, he didn’t get hit by any of the traffic,

Eagan did manage to catch a little air on his third attempt (from the ground level) but alas ran out of steam again and ended up on the ground several times before he finally grounded himself in the front yard of a house on Progress Ave.

Now with Bruce in hot pursuit, he was able to rescue Eagan successfully safe and sound, and without any further incident. Eagan was later safely released back to the nest building roof top and his parents under the cover of darkness.

Once again a huge thank you to all that helped us on the watch this day, and the great building staff for getting us (and of course little Eagan) back to the roof elevation.

Stay tuned………..