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Canadian Peregrine Foundation » A Posting I Missed; Emmalina Rescued Again June 20th

A Posting I Missed; Emmalina Rescued Again June 20th

July 01, 2012 - Mississauga - Holcim

Tracy Simpson Reports:

First let me apologize for missing this most important posting.  Between working and the 7 different watch sites over the last 32 days I have been attending, this one I was sure I posted by sadly and embarrasingly was missed.  My most sincere apologies folks.

On June 20th, Mark Nash received a call from Holcim Cement from a gentleman, Mark, who works at the plant who told us that Emmalina had once again come down to the ground.  This time she landed right in front of staff and after a moment or two, began walking towards them.  Her eyes were watering and it would appear that she had gotten into something.  Mark and Armando immediately rescued her and after closer inspection, noticed that she had dust all over her face and in her nares.  The two jumped to action and began washing her face and eyes with saline solution and then flushing very well with water.  Once cleaned up, she was placed in a rescue carrier, left with security and the call was placed.

Mark Nash called me and asked if I could go out and take a look at Emmalina and ascertain whether she was in need of medical attention.  I dashed out of work and arrived at the site at approximately 5:30pm and went in to take a look at the young bird.  When I initially lifted up the towel on the carrier, she hissed and lashed out as a healthy peregrine does but on further examination, her eyes were still watering from her contact with the dust and we decided to take her to Toronto Wildlife Centre for evaluation by their vet.  When she arrived at TWC, she was once again washed and treated for dust and throughly examined.  The dust that she had made contact with had caused a chemical-like burn to the soft tissues of her eyes, nasal cavities, mouth and throat.  She was hydrated and today remains at the TWC under close watch as she heals from her latest adventure.  We will keep you informed as to her progress as the updates come in.