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Canadian Peregrine Foundation » Another Fantastic Day in Waterloo

Another Fantastic Day in Waterloo

July 02, 2012 - Kitchener - CTV-Bell Media Tower

Tracy Simpson Reports:

On Thursday June 28th, I made another trip out to the recently discovered nest site in Waterloo at the Sun Life Financial building to attempt to identify the resident male.  I met up with Tony Bergauer of Bentall Kennedy ( Canada ) LP and we headed up to the 19th floor where I had the best chance of seeing the male at rest.  When we arrived upstairs, it was already 36 degrees with the humidex in the street and so I was hoping for loafing adults staying cool until the heat began to dissapate.  Not a chance!!  Statler was on her usual perch, sitting on the parapet facing Park St.  She was in the sun but looked to be managing her heat as best as she could without abandoning her post near the little one.  The resident male was off site and I took the opportunity to scan the other building rooftops in the area for him to no avail.  He was also staying out of the heat as best as he could!!  The benefit of the 19th floor, currently unoccupied as the furnishings are moved in, is that it has wrap around windows that offer an incredible panoramic view of the area.  Not only do the adults use the parapets as perches which are right outside the windows, they also roost on the Sun Life Financial signs located on either side of the building.  On the Park St. side, the male roosts on the “n” and on the King St. side, on the”i”.  The adults also use the vertical girders that hold the Sun Life signs which are sloped at the very top in towards the building.  This is a great little roosting nook but makes taking pictures a toughie!!  By 2:27pm, the male arrived with a package of food for Statler to feed his newly banded son up on the roof.  They made the exchange in the air and then poof, he was gone!!  At 4:17pm, another package of food arrives to the screaming greetings of Statler and once again, a stop, drop and roll to the air exchange on the parapet!!  Although this male usually hangs out on the Park St. side sign after the 4pm delivery, today was too hot for a full sun roost.  As I was getting ready to call it a day, at 6:11pm, in he comes again but this time without food.  More to just say, “Hi honey, how you doing?”.  Another blink and he was once again gone.  I will be back again soon to discover where this elusive male is hanging out and to get a positive ID from his recovery band.  Thanks to Tony Bergauer and the great supporters at Bentall Kennedy LP, the amazing staff of Sun Life Financial that I met and the great enthusiasts from McIntyre moving company that have dubbed me Falcon Lady!!  All of your excitement and enthusiasm is quite contagious!! 

I hope that you enjoy some of the photos I was able to get of Statler.