!!! Four Falcons Seen Today

July 09, 2012 - Etobicoke - Sun Life Centre

Kathy Reports:

Arrived on site early this morning to the sound of a juvenile screaming and chasing mom around.   Both landed on the ledge and then mom quickly took off and went around the building.  At the same time Jack flew around from the opposite side and he was followed by another juvenile.

I believe they all went to the rooftop as all was quiet after that.  Typically at this time of year we’d be seeing food transfers and hunting attempts in full view of the building however they seem to all be going south for training from what I have observed.

That may  be partly due to the fact the some of the buildings in the area have been actively discouraging the Starlings and Pigeons from nesting in and around their buildings.   As a result our falcons may be venturing further afield to engage in training the young this year where availability of prey is more abundant.