!!! Kids will be kids

July 10, 2012 - Windsor - Ambassador Bridge

Dennis Patrick Reports:

We know it has been a while since we did any posting but it has been too hot for us and the four youngsters. All four of them are doing well, they are doing things that we have not seen before in the other years. A few days ago we were there and one of the four landed on the ground and literally walked up to the four pigeons that were standing there. What was it thinking?!?! Finally the four pigeons flew off and then the little Peregrine did the same. Last evening when we were pulling into the parking lot we could hear them and two kids were chasing Voltaire because she had food in her talons. By the time we got parked the two kids were on the ground again with feathers flying like crazy. One of them finally flew away but one stayed there and ate while Voltaire was on the side of the Bridge watching very carefully to make sure the chick was going to be o.k. Finally it flew off and landed under the Bridge with its crop very full. Voltaire landed on the ground, picked up the leftovers and flew up and finished the rest of the bird. Viper, General Brock, Twitter and Eddy are doing quite well and it is always fun to watch them especially when they are flying around together. They really enjoy it when it’s not too hot. We just Thank all of our Volunteers for keeping watch over our four little Peregrines. We have a wonderful team this year, without all of you it would be hard to follow all four of these little ones.
Gwen & Dennis, Site Co-ordinators CPF