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Canadian Peregrine Foundation » O’Connor Enjoys the Place to Herself For a Moment

O’Connor Enjoys the Place to Herself For a Moment

July 30, 2012 - Etobicoke - Sun Life Centre

Tracy Simpson Reports:

The next stop Bruce and I made on the west end tour yesterday was at the Etobicoke Sun Life nest site to check in on O’Connor, Jack and their three fledglings.  When we arrived, we found O’Connor on top of the webcam enjoying the peace and quiet of the afternoon.  We searched all three towers but to no avail as Euro, Olympia and Windward were out and about.  There was also no sign of Jack but I don’t think that O’Connor minded.  She happily snoozed away during the high heat of the day without any screamie kids to disturb her. 

I recently posted that I was successful in seeing both Windward and Olympia at home and was hoping to catch sight of Euro today who I am sure is out exploring and honing his skills.  I will be back again to try and catch sight of the family when they are all home.