!!! Both adults still on site, but no fledglings visible.

July 22, 2012 - Mississauga - Holcim

CPF Postmaster Reports:

July 21st-2012
Thanks for your reply. It was a very busy season and HOT!!! So I bet everyone needs a well deserved break in the action.
Photos taken Sunday July 22nd at approx 7AM on the eastern side of the plant. Slow start to their day.
I did a drive by on Friday the 31st and saw one in flight over the plant but when I tried to get to a better viewing point it had disappeared and I didn’t pick it up after that. I do volunteer work around the corner on Winston Churchill twice a week so will try to get more observations to you.
I’m not an expert but thought they were both the adults.
Thanks for all the updates. It’s been fascinating and I didn’t realize there were so many nesting sights.

By all means you may use my photos. Thanks!

Marg Nelson