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Canadian Peregrine Foundation » I Got Food!

!!! I Got Food!

August 15, 2012 - Etobicoke - Sun Life Centre

Kathy Reports:

So interesting scenario just occured.  While inside we heard a juvenile screaming it’s head off and someone said to me ‘hey there are two falcons outside and one has food’.  So I ran to the window and sure enough a juvie with food in her talons was screaming her head off with Jack behind her.  I saw O’Connor patrolling the rooftops in protecto mode - ensuring no one dares to come out while one of her kids is nearby.

I ran outside but of course by then I couldn’t see much of anything.  I know said ‘juvie’ is on the rooftop as I could see feathers cascading down.  Jack is on his favorite perch on the sign and O’Connor is still patrolling the skies.

What I find interesting is that usually by this time of year the kids have dispersed or are spending long periods away from the site and only coming in for quick visits and given I’ve only seen 1 female around the past two weeks this is likely so with our other two kids.   

I wonder if this is Olympia?  She was last to fledge and seemed to be more of a ‘mama’s girl and not as adventurous as her siblings.  Both Jack and O’Connor certainly seem to be paying her alot of attention right now and are in fact protecting her.  Did she catch the food herself or did Jack bring it in for her?  I’d hope she caught it herself as she hasn’t been around much at all that I’ve seen save for a few sightings and suddenly both parents are acting like she’s still being trained.

Very interesting but encouraging that they are still paying her this much attention.