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Canadian Peregrine Foundation » O’Connor Takes A Breather From the Kids!!

O’Connor Takes A Breather From the Kids!!

August 12, 2012 - Etobicoke - Sun Life Centre

Tracy Simpson Reports:

Off to Etobicoke Sun Life this afternoon for some pizza and peregrines!  I arrived just after 5pm and decided to visit my favourite pizza chef and grab a slice for dinner (First and last meal of the day.  Not smart but really yummy!).  I could see that there was a peregrine on the westernmost tower of the Sun Life building and so I worked my way around to Lomond Dr just off of Aberfoyle.  By the time I arrived back there the bird had left but it is clearly evident that they like the northwest Moneris sign, particularly the “M”.  I swung back around to Eagle Rd and found O’Connor sitting on the nest tray all by herself.  I wanted to fly up there and sit with her as she looked kinda lonesome but I don’t think she’d care for that.  She finally has a clean and quiet house; she’s not sharing!!  I left her there to preen and relax while the kids are out playing about.  I will be back again to visit her and see who else is around and about!