Thought They Were Gone

October 01, 2012 - Stoney Creek

Sue McCreadie Reports:

Over the past 3 weeks, Bill and I have visited Fruitland several times looking for Craig and Athena.  We had been disappointed every time.  We were convinced they had migrated.  We took another trip on Monday and when we arrived Craig (17/Y) was sitting in the tower.  He was very alert, surveying the sky (we thought he must have been looking for Athena)  and had a full crop.  We waited around for an hour or so in the hope that Athena would appear.  No luck.  We decided to pack up but did our usual check of the drum from down the road.  To our surprise, Athena had been sitting on a beam, just above the drum, the whole time we were there.  Once we spotted her we drove back to the Fire Hall and even after seeing her location, she was impossible to spot from the ground.