Craig and Athena Still Call Fruitland Rd Area Home

March 03, 2013 - Stoney Creek

Tracy Simpson Reports:

A delayed post but important nonetheless, I stopped by Stoney Creek to check on Craig and Athena a week ago and was pleased to find both on site.  I initially located Craig in the tower which was a challenge as he blended so well with the structure.  He was roosting the afternoon away and at first glance, no sign of Athena.  I was about to leave the site when I glanced down the road at Taylor Steel and found Athena roosting on an air vent above the shipping door.  The door opened a few times while she was there and trucks exited which garnered her attention.  Otherwise she was quite happy roosting there.  I couldn’t help but notice how much she looks like her mother, O’Connor from the Etobicoke Sun Life site, as she clearly claimed the vent she roosted on as hers.  She flew off of the vent after 20 minutes to the roof of Taylor Steel where she landed briefly before heading over to the tower to join Craig.  Last year, the pair were unsuccessful in hatching eggs and we will watch the progress of this pair this season to see where they choose to nest and whether they succeed.