Thunder and Dougal Going Strong in London.

April 19, 2013 - London - TD Tower

Tracy Simpson Reports:

Last week I attended the London TD Tower nest site to check in on Thunder and Dougal and the progress they are making towards nesting this year.  At first when I arrived on Wellington, I couldn’t see a bird anywhere.  After just a few minutes, in comes Dougal to the south corner of the ledge where I often found him last year.  He roosted and preened for a while and kept looking into the nest tray.  Finally, with one last look, he took to the air and was off like a shot to the west over my head.  Out of the tray comes Thunder and she is on a mission in the same direction as well.  Thunder circled back towards the nest building and disappeared behind the building to the east.  I caught her swoop up so she must of landed there and Dougal was now above me circling.  All of a sudden he is joined by a third falcon, a male, and the two boys get into an aerial brawl.  It didn’t last long and Dougal returned to the territory looking for his girl.  He found her on the east side of the building and the pair did some tandem flying before Thunder flew back up and into the nest tray.

I will be back this week on my way home from Sarnia to check in on the pair and attempt to discern whether they have eggs this year.  Thanks to the London City Centre for once again being such a great host!

Dashing Dougal Thunder to the Ledge