Great News for London - Mystique from 2006 Hatches Her First Offspring in Michigan!!!!!!!

July 12, 2013 - London - TD Tower

Tracy Simpson Reports:

This news came to me from Barb Baldinger, falcon watcher and volunteer extrodinaire in Michigan, about Mystique and Horus.  Here is her report;

Great news! We have not had a successful Peregrine Falcon nesting in the Fisher/New Center area since 2007, when Alpha and Maumee had three young. This year, Mystique and Horus have produced a male offspring! Mystique arrived in 2008 at WSU and later moved to the Fisher Building/New Center. Horus also arrived in 2008, after being displaced by Nick at the Macomb County Building in Mt. Clemens. They had several failed nesting attempts over the years, so we are thrilled that they succeeded this year! The young male fledged prematurely on Sunday evening and was rescued by the Michigan State Police. He is at a rehab facility now and should be ready to rejoin his parents in about a week. This is a photo of the adult female, Mystique. She is originally from Ontario. Horus is from Akron, Ohio.
Mystique was hatched along with her two sisters in 2006 at the London TD Tower nest site and was banded when she came to the ground after fledging.  She arrived in Michigan in 2008 and has attempted to hatch eggs every year since.  Her mate Horus, who was hatched in Akron, Ohio in 2004 to Bandit and Chesapeake, arrived in 2008 as well and the pair have stayed together and continued to try and achieve success together.  Well this year after several failures they managed to hatch a single male chick!!  This is amazing news for Mystique and Horus as well as the peregrine fans and followers in London.  Along with Buffy at St. Mary’s Cement, Mystique is the second offspring produced in London to be discovered nesting elsewhere.  This is an enormous success to celebrate and just goes to show that anything is possible!!   Thank you Barb for keeping an eye on her and sending us this update!  
Photo of Mystique courtesy of Barb Baldinger with our thanks.