Buffy and Legacy at St. Mary’s Cement

March 27, 2014 - Bowmanville - St Mary's Cement

Tracy Simpson Reports:

On the road with Project School Visit I had the pleasure this week of spending time in the Bowmanville area.  Yesterday I finished early and took a moment to stop in at the St. Mary’s Cement nest site to check in on Buffy and Legacy after this long hard winter.  I met up with staff who helped get me out to the site and when I first arrived, I couldn’t see anyone.  It wasn’t a minute when Legacy came bombing in with food and Buffy was hot on his tail.  She almost landed on top of him, snatching the prey and taking it up top to dine.  Legacy sat one level below her and watched her eat, vocalizing occasionally, and cleaning his talons.

Thank you so much to the staff at St. Mary’s for taking a moment with me to check in on the pair.  I will be back soon to see what progress they are making towards nesting.