Ireland Hides Again Today at the Lift Bridge

June 05, 2014 - Burlington - Lift Bridge

Tracy Simpson Reports:

The night before we left off with Ireland now securely in a tree on the Burlington side of the canal near the Canadian Centre for Inland Waters.  Yesterday morning when Bill and Sue arrived, together with David they checked the tree where he was last seen in but he had already flown.  They checked the area surrounding where the tree is located, scanning every bush, but with no luck.  They were joined later on by Barry who scoured the Burlington side near CCIW for Ireland and still no luck.  All the while they maintained their watch on Ghent who was now venturing to the edge of the nest box platform and vigorously exercising.

The parents seemed quite calm and relaxed about the entire adventure.  While our searches didn’t turn up the fledgling, no doubt they know exactly where he is and they are keeping it a secret for now.  In the afternoon, Margaret joined the team and was introduced to the lift bridge falcons.  She walked from CCIW to the lift bridge and back again, searching as she went but not a peep.  Bruce, Mark and myself went down to the bridge in the late afternoon and stayed for the evening with David and Rob searching the canal top to bottom.  We were hoping for a reveal like the night before when the parents began hunting during a lift and Ireland made his grand appearance.  During the late lift just before sunset, both David and I could hear a juvenile calling and when we looked up it appeared that it wasn’t Ghent.  We tried to pinpoint where the sound was coming from but it was echoing throughout the canal and we couldn’t nail it down.  After the lift was complete, MacKenzie flew to the Burlington tower to his roost just below the nest box and Cirrus made a few pit stops on the top of the Burlington tower and then to the cables near to the Hamilton side for the night.  Just as the last light faded, I looked up to see if we had all three peregrines and MacKenzie was now off and gone who knows where.  I would bet he changed position to keep an eye on Ireland.

So it looks like Ireland’s great adventures are continuing as he makes his way home to elevation.  We all agreed last night that he is here somewhere and that we just can’t see him yet.  Thank you to all who came down and supported the search and watch at the bridge yesterday including Bill and Sue, David and Rob, Barry, Bruce, Margaret, and Mark.  Together we have assured one thing and that is that Ireland is not on the ground but rather up at some elevation that we just haven’t found yet.  A great effort by everyone!