Ireland Still Out of Sight. Ghent Still at Home.

June 06, 2014 - Burlington - Lift Bridge

Bruce Massey Reports:

On Friday I was out to do the closing shift at the Burlington Lift Bridge and not a lot had changed with the status of both boys.  Ireland was still not in our sights after his flight earler in the week that ended up with him in a tree on the Burlington side of the canal near to the CCIW building.  Every day watchers have been searching for him since he left the tree but without any luck seeing him.  He could very well be moving through the area and yet we haven’t been able to catch sight of him due to the thickness of the trees on that side.  Today was no different in that we continued to check around in the hopes of getting an angle on his location.

Ghent was still in the nest box when I arrived and although he was flapping up a storm he was still hanging on to his home turf.  The adults weere not as active as I am used to seeing at the bridge so they are clearly weaning him to encourage that first flight.  At dusk he was still in the box but looking really ready to get going.  I suspect that he will be taking off some time over the weekend and I will be back tomorrow to help on site.

Thank you to Bill and Sue, David and Rob, Barry and all of the other watchers that have been out and around to help out.  I think we’re in for it tomorrow!!