!!! Joe from Hamilton has been identified as the resident male at the Beachville Ontario nest site!

July 13, 2014 - Hamilton - Sheraton Hotel

CPF Postmaster Reports:

Sunday July 13th - 2014
A big thank you to Lucie and Richard Kirchknoph who ventured down to Beachville Ontario this weekend to investigate a report of nesting peregrines.
Their efforts paid off as they were able to identify the resident adult male via his leg band number and identify that the resident adult female is also banded with a solid Black leg band, telling us that they are both Canadian produced peregrines. Reports of the peregrines having produced offspring this year have been coming in this past week and we have some some good news to report thanks to Lucie and Richard.

Hi Guys
Good investigation guys!!
The Pefa that you reported having a solid black band number turns up in our banding data base as:

A peregrine named “Joe” that was produced at the Hamilton Sheraton Hotel in 2010
He was a very small underweight male – weighing in at only 492 grams at banding, banded at 23 days old, on May 31st – 2010
His mother is Madame X and his father is named Surge.

Surge was produced at the Etobicoke nest site (Bloor & Islington in Toronto) in 2002
Madame X was produced at a nest site on a bridge in Pennsylvania USA in 1999.